Atlee Got Thrashed By Producer K.Rajan For Copying Chak De India !! Mirchi Shiva Burst Out Laughing!!

CM / Updated: 2023-03-22
15:05 IST

Atlee got thrashed by producer K.Rajan, during a recent press conference for the upcoming Tamil film “Kasethan Kadavulada”, producer and actor K. Rajan made a controversial statement about some of the big budget directors in the industry indirectly denoting Atlee. According to Rajan, these directors take a 10 percent commission from junior actors for outdoor shoots.


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This accusation has caused quite a stir in the Tamil film industry, with many questioning the validity of Rajan’s claim. While some have dismissed the statement as baseless, others believe that it sheds light on a common practice that has long been overlooked in the industry.


Regardless of whether or not Rajan’s claim is true, his statement has sparked a conversation about the treatment of junior actors in the Tamil film industry. For many years, junior actors have struggled to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive industry. They often work long hours for little pay and are subjected to harsh working conditions on film sets.

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Actor Mirchi shiva who is the lead of the film was present for the press conference. He could not control his laughter when producer K.Rajan started talking about the big budget directors. This is creating a hype among the netizens and is garnering the attention of the people in social media.

Mirchi Shiva

In his statement, Rajan emphasized the importance of good storytelling in films. He cited the success of films like Love Today and Chak De India as examples of movies that were able to connect with audiences despite not relying solely on a popular actor to succeed.

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He also indirectly criticized director Atlee, who is known for his big budget films featuring popular actors like Vijay and Nayanthara. According to Rajan, Atlee takes a 10 percent commission from junior actors even for outdoor shoots, which he believes may have contributed to the failure of two of his films. He also stated that the movie “Bigil” is the copy of “Chak De India” where, football is used instead of hockey.

Atlee Priya Atlee
Atlee and his wife Priya

Rajan’s statement has received mixed reactions from industry insiders. While some have praised him for speaking out against what they see as a common practice in the industry, others have criticized him for making unfounded accusations.

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Some have also pointed out that taking a commission from junior actors is not necessarily illegal or unethical. In fact, many actors are willing to pay a commission to secure a role in a film or to be part of a particular director’s team.

Regardless of where one stands on this issue, it’s clear that the Tamil film industry has a long way to go in terms of creating a more equitable and just system for all actors. Until then, junior actors will continue to face challenges and obstacles on their path to success.

Here is the video of K.Rajan’s speech at the press meet.

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