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At Least 3 People Killed & Cops Injured In Bengaluru Over A Issue Created By A Facebook Post !!



At Least 3 People Killed & Cops Injured In Bengaluru Over A Issue Created By A Facebook Post !!

Three people killed and around 60 police personnel have been injured after violent clashes broke out in the eastern part of Bengaluru on Tuesday night over a Facebook post allegedly uploaded by a relative of a Congress MLA. The Facebook post triggered an angry mob to go on a rampage in the Kaval Byrasandra in Bengaluru to protest against it which was uploaded by P Naveen, nephew of the congress MLA R Akhanda Srinivas Murthy.


Shockingly, more than 1000 people attacked the house of the Congress MLA on Tuesday night and damaged the vehicles which were parked outside the house of the MLA. Reports emerged saying that Naveen has claimed that his account got hacked.

The crowd also tried to burn two police stations according to reports. They pelted stones at the KG halli and DJ Halli police stations. They made these attempts demanding the arrest of Naveen, the one who allegedly wrote the post. The police officials who tried to combat the violence faced severe damage that their Vehicles destroyed, according to reports. More than 100 people got arrested in the riot and 200 plus vehicles including 200 bikes torched.

Bengaluru city police commissioner Kamal Pant confirmed that a total of 110 people have been arrested for arson, stone pelting and for attacking the Police. The commissioner also confirmed that Naveen who was accused of uploading the derogatory comment got arrested.


In the riot that took place, Journalists were also attacked as a result of which Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad condemned the police.

“The police cannot indulge in any highhandedness against the media, I will myself speak to the police authorities to ensure that there is no attack on media when they come out do their work. In fact, they should be given protection” the MLA said.

Congress MLA and former minister BZ Zameer Ahmad Khan said the violence was unfortunate.


“Without choice, we were forced to fire in the air. At least 60 cops were injured” city’s police commissioner said. Meanwhile a video got surfaced in social media showing Muslim people forming a chain to save Hindu temple which was shared by Congress MP Sashi Tharoor to spread peace.

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