“Ask These To The One Whom You Voted For” Female Celebrity’s Fitting Reply !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-03-03
14:04 IST

Random guys sneaking into the social media accounts of cinema celebrities only to spread hatred is increasing day by day. Social media is definitely not a good place for cinema celebrities, especially for female celebrities as they are constantly receiving trolls and abuses in daily manner. Few men in social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook often thinks that the things they are sharing going to stay private forever. But they must realize that it would become public sooner than they think and would spread faster than they assume.


Now singer Chinmayi has faced rude comments from one of an Instagram user for sharing about her make up details to her fellow followers. Chinmayi has been posting about her make up strategies lately for her female followers. In this recent post, Chinmayi wrote “Day 4 with minimal sleep. Hair hasn’t dried. Skin has Dr.Ceuracle Propolis Ampoule and the Propolis cream and a tinted lip balm.”

Check out her post below :

For being a representative of Me too representative, Chinmayi always faced hatred from a section of men. For this post, one of a guy said that the post shared by Chinmayi is not at all necessary. “Did we ask these ? There are so many farmers working without sleep. Please think of them. Human’s hair and all are not important” he wrote in his comment.

Replying to comment, Chinmayi who always excelled in giving fitting replies, questioned back if he is eating, sleeping and spending time with friends. “We know what we are doing in our life. It is you who are following my account. You are acting like that I have begged you to comment on my post. You go help those instead of commenting” she gave back.

Here’s her reply :


However the follower who didn’t think of quitting, continued to argue with the singer. Check out her reply below :


We have seen Chinmayi sharing many stories that she faced in her life and the stories of others which was shared to her. Most of them made us worry as it would be about some predator who harassed woman and few made us to get angry on them as well. However, These replies from the singer would have made many people to realize how inappropriate it is to command others in social media to do what they like by just sitting in home.

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