Asal Kolar Blamed This Contestant For The Trolls He Received!!

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3 months ago

As the show is nearing it’s end, contestants who got eliminated during the initial weeks of the ongoing season of  Bigg Boss show, started giving their re-entry to keep the viewers engaged. Asal Kolar and Rober Master made their re-entry on the Wednesday episode and started greeting their old housemates.

In the process, Asal Kolar who became the second ever contestant to get out of the house, claimed that a conversation made by Shivin to Vikraman about him influenced the audience to see him in a wrong way. It is notable that Asal Kolar hot severely criticized during his Bigg Boss stint for allegedly touching female contestants in inappropriate ways.

During the third weekend episode, while sending him off, host Kamal Haasan asked whether his job was done inside the house and the contestant replied that only half the job is done. After that, Kamal Haasan said that his friends will tell him why he got evicted from the house.


Now, after making his come back, Asal Kolar pointed out Shivin and said that what she said to Vikraman caused him harm. “You said that people saw something that housemates failed to see. The way you said it, influenced people to think that I did something wrong” Asal Kolar said to Shivin.

“I never pointed anything out. Even while talking to Kamal sir, I would say that i haven’t seen anything. I obviously don’t know what happening beyond me” Shivin justified.

Watch the video below :

Asal Kolar got severely criticized for trying to blame Shivin for all the trolls and comments he received. “The way he is speaking, he was a saint who was healing troubled female HMs with his touches and was portrayed as a pervert by other HMs and by us, the viewer” a user commented whereas another one said “Even now he is not accepting his faults summa.. blaming others.. Doesn’t know to use this chance to impress and win people’s hearts  Totally waste..🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️”

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