As Soon As Winning The Election, Prime Minister Modi Removed “Chowkidar” From His Twitter Account !! Check Why !!

The NDA is ahead in 343 of the 542 seats, while the BJP lead has crossed 300. In 2014, the party won 282 seats, the NDA had won 336. It was the first time in more than three decades that a single party won majority on its own.


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP is headed for a victory bigger than in 2014 – being set to cross the 300 mark on its own – as leads showed a NDA sweep in the national elections. The BJP keeps its core states – the Hindi heartland, Gujarat and Maharashtra – while posting fresh victories in Bengal, Odisha and the northeast.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has won a huge mandate for a second term in power, dropped the prefix “chowkidar” from his Twitter profile today, saying it would remain an “integral part” of him. He also stated a reason for removing the prefix in his official twitter account.



The BJP leader in his twitter account wrote “Now, the time has come to take the Chowkidar Spirit to the next level. Keep this spirit alive at every moment and continue working for India’s progress. The word ‘Chowkidar’ goes from my Twitter name but it remains an integral part of me. Urging you all to do the same too!” tweeted PM Modi.

“The people of India became Chowkidars and rendered great service to the nation. Chowkidar has become a powerful symbol to safeguard India from the evils of casteism, communalism, corruption and cronyism,” he added.

BJP chief Amit Shah, who had also prefixed “chowkidar” to his Twitter handle, removed the “Chowkidar” from his twitter handle.


In March Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed his personal Twitter account name to Chowkidar Narendra Modi. Following Prime Minister, BJP president and other BJP leaders also changed their profile names to Chowkidar Amit Shah, Chowkidar Piyush Goyal, etc.

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At that time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a ‘main bhi chowkidar’ (I too am watchman) campaign and urged his supporters to take a pledge. He said he is not alone in the fight against graft and social evils.








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