Arya Finally Opened On The Mental Trauma He Went Through Due To The Cheating Case !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-08-25
22:16 IST

Actor Arya who is currently basking the success of his “Sarpatta Parambarai”, had a sigh of relief after Chennai Police arrested the culprits who impersonated him and cheated Rs. 65 lakh of a German woman. The actor came up with a tweet thanking the commissioner of Chennai Police, Additional Commissioner of Police-Central Crime Branch and Cyber Crime Team of Chennai city for making the arrest against the real culprits. The actor said that he went through a mental trauma during the investigation and added that he never expressed about it. He also expressed his love towards the people who believed during the course of investigation.


Recently, Arya appeared in front of cyber crime wing of the Chennai city police after the police officials summoned him based on a complaint filed by a Sri lankan woman who alleged that the actor cheated Rs. 70 lakh from her. The complainer had submitted proofs such as the screen shots of whatsapp chat, documents of money transaction in Western Union bank and many other documents to the actor’s assistant to Police officials. Arya was interrogated for nearly two hours by the Police. They said that it is a first stage of investigation and added that Arya would appear again if necessary.


Months ago, a report on a German woman named Vidja accusing Arya of cheating Rs. 70 lakh from her in the pretext of marrying her sent shock waves in the Internet. Recently, a judgment on the court postponing the hearing of the case to 17th of August surfaced. Now, Police had sent a summon to the actor to produce a report in court on the said date.

It has been reported that a complaint against actor Arya who is known among Tamil audience for acting in films such as “Nan Kadavul”, “Raja Rani”, “Madrasapattinam” has been raised by a German woman. In February, a report emerged saying that The Union Home ministry has directed the Tamil nadu home secretary to take action on the complaint. Vidja, the German woman has alleged that Arya swindled Rs. 80 lakh from her. A complaint was lodged with the Prime minister’s office and the Honourable President of India. The complainer who was working with the health sector said that Arya had told her that due to COVID 19 pandemic, the number of film opportunities got reduced for him and there are financial difficulties for him and he needed help.


Arya was accused of asking financial help to her. She also mentioned that Arya tried to cheat her saying that he likes her and wants to marry her. When he expressed his wish on marrying her, the woman says that she raised suspicion and realized that the actor was cheating. The woman’s complaint also said that Arya cheated on several women and girls in a similar manner.

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Vidja also accused the actor and her mother of threatening her when she approached him asking her money back. The actor’s mother Jameela verbally abused her, said the complaint of Vidja. Days ago, Arya was investigated by Police officials for 2 long hours based on the complaint and proofs submitted by Vidja and said that the actor would be called again if necessary.


Now, it has been reported that a 29 year old man who impersonated as the well know actor and his accomplice got arrested. The accused was identified as Mohammad Arman and he was connected to the victim through social media. The duo were picked up from Raanipet district by a special team and the electronic gadgets which includes a laptop was seized from them, according to reports.

As soon as the arrest was made, Arya, for the first time, came up with a tweet in his official twitter account regarding the matter, writing “I would like to thank Commissioner of Police @chennaipolice_ Additional Commissioner of Police-Central Crime Branch and Cyber Crime Team of Chennai city for arresting the Real culprit. It was a real mental trauma which I never expressed. Love to everyone who believed in me”

Here’s his tweet :

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