Arnav Broke Silence After Actress Divya Gave Birth To A Baby Girl !!

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Arnav came up with a cryptic post in Instagram is going viral after Divya made it public about giving birth to a baby girl after so many struggle. Uploading a black and white picture of himself, Arnav, through his post, talked about mind and heart. He also talked about not feeling safe to let people it as “someone” is not ready to deal with the pain of honesty.

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Months ago, Arnav and Dhivya had been accusing each other ever since Dhivya met the press reporters and made complaint against Arnav for forcing her to convert religion and for avoiding her after impregnating her. Denying the accusations, Arnav said that he just wanted her to remove a post from her Instagram as they are yet to get the consent of his family.


Later, a video was released by Arnav, saying that Dhivya is mentally ill and is taking treatment for it. In the video, Dhiva could be seen asking Arnav “Nee oru Aambalayaa??” ( Are you even a man ??) repeatedly and behaves in a way of attacking him verbally.

After Arnav released the video, Dhivya, reportedly questioned whether he made her pregnant while she was mentally not well. According to popular news channels, Dhivya said that Police would understand what kind of a person Arnav is as he recorded the videos of their normal conversations.

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Previously, “Sevvanthi” serial fame Dhivya met the press reporters and explained about the ordeal she has been going through after falling in love with a Television actor Arnav. She said that he impregnated her after marrying and is currently involved in a love affair with another woman of his community. The actress said that the woman abused her and even kissed her husband in front of her.


Divya, in the press meet said that she met Arnav in the year 2017 at the shooting spot of a serial named “Keladi Kanmani”. “He knew that I am a divorcee and had a child of one year at that time. We started our friendship and it slowly turned into a romantic relationship” Divya said to the press reporters.

“We were in a living relationship for five long years and bought a flat in Vaanagaram two years back. I contributed to buy that flat with my jewels and other finances. During the COVID period, he was jobless. I was the only one who looked after all the financial commitments” Dhivya said in the press meet.

The actress said that Arnav asked her to change her community in order to marry him. Out of love, the actress got converted and became pregnant after their marriage which took place on June 29. After she became pregnant, Arnav started avoiding her slowly, according to the statement made by Divya.


Followed by a series of events, Dhivya confirmed that Arnav is avoiding her only due to his love affair with the woman who belongs to his community. The woman reportedly sent abusive texts to Dhivya and even kissed him in front of her. “Arnav didn’t say anything to that” Dhivya said.

In her complaint, Dhivya said that she is Hindu girl from Karnataka and Arnav perfectly planned to convert her religion after leading a sincere love life. “After I became pregnant, he left me and is currently having a relationship with a small screen actress named Hansika who belongs to Muslim community” Dhivya said in her complaint.

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Through her lawyer, Dhivya informed Police that Arnav is responsible if anything bad happens to her or her to-be born child. Actor Arnav reacted to the accusations of serial actress Dhivya. In a clarification video, Arnav said that he never abused her physically and only asked her to remove a post from her Instagram handle. The actor said that he wanted her to delete the post in order to get the consent of his family before making the relationship public. Arnav said that he was looking after the treatment for her pregnancy and almost everything Dhivya claimed was a lie.


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Now, after months, Divya gave birth to a baby girl and made it public by uploading a post in her Instagram. “This wait was long but extremely special, not because of what happened but because of what’s going to happen. The drive, the support, the power, the love, the strength that you have given is definitely unconditional. I thankyou for being a part of me and i promise to be a part of you forever & forever like in the fairytale stories. Love you my darling fairy! My beautiful girl baby 😘👼🏻 Thankyou family & friends for your support through out my journey, please keep it coming. Love you all ❤️🙏🏼” read the caption of the actress.

Here’s her post :


Many of Dhivya’s followers mentioned Arnav and made remarks about him. Check out some of the comments below :


A day after Divya made the announcement, Arnav came up with a post in his official Instagram handle, caption of which read “The mind knows the truth when your heart denies what it feels. When you don’t feel safe to let people in it is because you’re not ready to deal with the pain of honesty.” #arnav #true #fact #real”

Here’s his post :


Followers of Arnav could be seen requesting him to visit his newly born child. Here’s some of their comments :

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