Annamalai Of BJP Party Replied To Yuvan’s Recent Instagram Post!!

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12 months ago

Amidst the controversy that are doing rounds surrounding Ilayaraja’s comparison between Dr. Ambedkar and PM Narendra Modi, his son Yuvan Shankar Raja came up with a post identifying himself as a Dark Dravidian by wearing a black dhoti and black T-shirt. Reacting to the post, Annamalai of BJP party said that he darker than Yuvan, darker like a crow.

Legendary musician Ilayaraja who has been predominantly working in Tamil films, has been facing the wrath of online users after drawing parallels between India’s Prime minister Narendra Modi and social reformer Dr. Ambedkar. Tweets, posts and hashtags are trending against the musician who has been impressing the fans of Tamil cinema over decades.


In the foreword of a book titled “Ambedkar & Modi : Reformer’s Ideas, Performer’s Implementation”, Ilayaraja compared Narendra Modi and Dr. BR Ambedkar. In the foreword of the book, Ilayaraja wrote “The book also brings out some striking parallels between the personalities of Dr BR Ambedkar and Prime minister Narendra Modi. Both these striking personalities succeeded against odds that people from socially disempowered sections of society face”

“Both saw poverty and stifling social structures from close quarters and worked to dismantle them. Both dreamt big for India, but both are also practical men who believe in action rather than mere thought exercises” he further wrote.

The musician went on to state that Dr. Ambedkar would have been proud of Modi for the schemes he implemented for women so far. “Ambedkar will be proud of PM Modi for the pro women legislation like the triple talaq law that the government has brought into place along with schemes like “Beti Bachao Beti Padhai” which is aimed at social reformation” Ilayaraja wrote at the foreword.

These statements from Ilayaraja gained him wide range of hatred among his own fans. Amidst the controversy, Yuvan shankar Raja who is enjoying a huge fan base, came up with a post, caption of which read “Dark Dravidian, Proud Tamizhan”

Check out his post below :


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When reporters asked Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai about the same, he said “I’m much more a dark Tamizhan than Yuvan Shankar Raja and I’m much more a Dravidian than him” Annamalai said in the press interaction.

“Don’t ask me questions related to Yuvan’s beach walk and his black dhoti. Because I’m much more darker than him. If he’s black in colour, I’m black that is equal to a crow” The politician said.

Check out the video below :

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