Anna University Has Come Up With A New Lame Rule.. Which Seems To BE Hilarious AF!

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Most of the engineering colleges in Chennai have the default rule for their students. They aren’t allowed to use mobile phones on the campus. After all the hiccup issues on these, Anna University had finally put a rule of paying Rs 10,000 for usage of cell phones in college.

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Though the ban was already a part of the rule book it remained only on paper. The Guindy College of Engineering has sent a circular recently reiterating that students found using cell phones inside classrooms, labs, offices and labs will be fined.
The first-year engineering students from the campus said that they were warned that in addition to the fine, their mobile phones along with the SIM cards would be seized and returned to them only at the end of their course four years later.
However, sources from the university said that this was primarily an effort to avoid distractions, help them focus better and the fine amount would be handed over to the central administration.
Frequent and sudden checks will be undertaken by the authorities to enforce this rule and usage record will be checked to find the last time the phone was used, sources added.
When the university administration introduced a similar ban in 2005, there was heavy opposition from the students and parents. Subsequently, the rule was relaxed and students were allowed to use phones in their hostels and outside classrooms.
Three years later, the university announced that on violation of this rule, students would be suspended for a week. However, the rule got diluted down the line. So, the college this year has added these rules to the handbook given to first-year students staying in the hostel.

This rule most probably would upset most of the students. But the management and Anna University claim that discipline and decorum will be established for the betterment of students.


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