“Anitha Divorced Her Husband” : News Portal !! Check How The BIGG BOSS Star Reacted

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Anitha Sampath who rose to fame among television and internet audience through her Bigg Boss stint, is pretty much active in social media platforms nowadays. She has been reacting to the messages that are being sent to her in Instagram by her followers and also reacting to the rumours and gossips that re made against her. On Sunday, Anitha sampath and her husband Prabhagaran reacted to a baseless report that questioned on the marriage life of the duo. With a question mark, headlines of the news asked whether Anitha is going to divorce her husband.


Anitha Sampath, a news reader by profession, is currently running a youtube channel named “Anitha Sampath Vlogs”. She is very much involved in interacting with her followers by answering to their questions regarding the reality game show, her personal life etc. Ever since coming out of the house, the actress is facing so much abuse and hate from the users of Instagram. She also exposed a number of abusers and people who sent inappropriate texts to her in Instagram through fake ids in social media. Currently, she is participating in BB Jodigal show that is being telecasted in Vijay Television.

Anitha, during her Bigg Boss stint, never missed to express her love towards her husband Prabha. She made the audience know about helpful her husband was during her tough times and ever cried her heart out while talking about him to the Bigg Boss in the confession room. Now, the duo are very much involved in appearing in their youtube channel and they jointly are enjoying a separate fan base among the Internet audience.


Now, a news portal came up with a news questioning the marriage life of the duo. “Anitha going to divorce her husband ? This is the truth” read the headlines of the news.

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Reacting to it, Anitha’s husband Prabha came up with an Instagram story and asked when did it happen by adding laughing emojis.

Here’s the screen shot of it :

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Anitha replied to Prabha’s story saying “Lol, kudave irunthiye sevvala moment. Content illa nu intha level ku erangitingala gossip pages. Daily youtube la onna vlog podrathellam admin pakardhilla pola” in her story which is roughly translated as “Gossip pages like you started stooping this low due to lack of contents these days ? It seems admin of that page didn’t see us posting vlogs together in our youtube channel daily”


Here’s the screen shot of her story :


During her Bigg Boss stint, Anitha got appreciated by Kamal Haasan for her speech on superstition in India and how it demeans every women in the country. Her progressive speech impressed thousands of people and it made her to stay inside the house longer. Now, it is proved that the duo are very much happy and are leading a healthy life together and the report that surfaced is a mere rumour. Comment your views on the way Prabha and Anitha reacted to the news !!

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