American Woman Allowed Her Husband To Sleep With Other Women For This Reason !!

CM / Updated: 2023-03-28
12:05 IST

American women’s statement goes viral on internet. In a time where women are pushing the boundaries of traditional gender roles, it is a rarity to come across women who actively choose to embrace such roles. Monica Huldt, an American woman, is a perfect example of a woman who not only embraces traditional roles but takes it to another level. She believes that her primary role as a wife is to make her husband, John, happy and satisfied, no matter what his needs may be. This includes allowing him to sleep with other women, something that is considered unconventional in most modern-day relationships.

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In a recent interview with the New York Post, Huldt spoke at length about her beliefs and practices, stating that she firmly believes in prioritizing her husband’s happiness over anything else. She goes to great lengths to ensure that her husband is comfortable and content, taking care of all household chores while he spends time with other women. Huldt claims that she started doing this when she found it difficult to find any spare time to spend with her husband amidst her daily work schedule.

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The homemaker also revealed that her husband has complete control over her wardrobe, choosing what she wears on a daily basis. Huldt stated that she enjoys being given instructions by her husband and takes pride in fulfilling them, as it makes him happy, which in turn makes her happy.

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Huldt is also very particular about her appearance, believing that husbands do not like women who are “ugly and fat.” She takes great care to maintain her appearance, dressing in sexy-sporty attire, and refraining from wearing makeup around the house as per her husband’s preferences.

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While Huldt’s beliefs and practices may be seen as unconventional and controversial by many, she stands firm in her convictions, believing that her husband’s happiness is paramount in their relationship. Despite facing criticism and judgment from others, Huldt remains steadfast in her commitment to her husband and their relationship.

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It is important to note that Huldt’s beliefs and practices do not represent the majority of women’s experiences or beliefs in relationships. While every individual has the right to choose how they want to lead their lives, it is crucial to recognize the importance of mutual respect and consent in any relationship.

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