American Brand Made Lungis & The Price They Fixed For Per Piece Shocked Indians !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-08-11
22:28 IST

“Lungi” is one of the widely used, most famous, comfortable attire of men in Asian countries, especially in India. The piece of cloth is famous for its comfort, pliability and aeration where it matters the most. It helps men the most during the overwhelming humidity and is being used across the country under different names. It is commonly tied by wrapping around the lower waist under the navel, straightened and folded as per each individual’s wish.


Many men in India prefer lungi to feel the soft, gentle caress of a cotton around their hips. Now, not to our surprise, people from Western countries have also started making lungis and the price they fixed for each cloth left netizens based on India in a shocked state. The two American men who started “The Lungi Project” are selling per piece for a huge whopping price of $175 which is Rs. 13,000.


It has been reported that the lungis available under The Lungi Project are made of European flax linen and silk thread whereas the lungi manufactured in India is made of cotton cloth. As we all know, our lungis doesn’t contain any button but the lungis made by “The Lungi Project” holds two buttons, one exposed and one hidden. They also have two pockets, among which one of them is hidden and the other one being larger in the back side.

The lungis which are being sold by The Lungi Project are designed in Brooklyn and New York and they are handmade in Canada. On knowing about the huge price the foreign lungi costs, people in India who are wearing cotton lungis that costs not more than Rs. 300 has been expressing their emotions. “can’t believe made in north america lungis exist that are selling for $175.” said a twitter user who came to know about the American Lungis.


Check out some of the reactions for this tweet below :

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