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Akshara Reddy Getting Slammed For Demeaning Actress Amala Paul !!

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Akshara Reddy Getting Slammed For Demeaning Actress Amala Paul !!

On the very first day of the 100 days reality game show, actress and model Akshara Reddy became the victim of online fans as she allegedly got caught demeaning South actress Amala Paul. In the show, She disagreed with Raju Jayamohan who compared her with actress “Amala”. Thinking that she was being compared with Amala Paul, Akshara expressed her displeasure and expressed her happiness after knowing that she is being compared with veteran actress Amala who paired with Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and many other top heroes during her prime time.



Season 5 of Bigg Boss got inaugurated on Sunday by Ulaganayagn Kamal Haasan with 18 celebrity contestants taking part in the show. Showing the newly renovated house, Kamal addressed the audience who were appeared in person this time in the auditorium, unlike the two previous seasons. He introduced the participants one by one by asking them tell about their profession, personal interests etc. In the inaugural episode which streamed for 6 plus hours, singing and dancing performances of the participants were also took place to entertain the audience, along with the contestants giving self introductions.

Isai Vaani, popular Gana singer, Raju Jayamohan, aspiring actor cum serial star, Mathumitha, a German citizen who is involved in fashion designing, modelling and IT profession, Abishek Raaja, a popular movie reviewer, Namitha Marimuthu, a famous transgender Model were the first five contestants entered the house as contestants.


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Priyanka Deshpane of Super singer fame, Abhinay Vaddi, grandson of legendary actor Gemini Ganesan, Pavni of Chinna Thambi fame, Folk singer Chinna Ponnu, Nadia Chang who hails from Malaysia, Varun Kamal, another aspiring actor, Imman annachi of Kutties Chutties fame, Suruthi Hayadevan, Akshara Reddy were introduced as contestants next.

Rap singer Iykki Berry, Thamarai Selvi, a folk singer, Ciby of “Master” fame and Niroop who identifies himself as Entrepreneur and aspiring model entered the Bigg Boss house next. As we all know, Bigg Boss is a show that subjects the contestants of it to controversies. None of us would have expected a contestant face the wrath on the first day itself. Akshara Reddy, model cum actress became the first victim to get slammed by the online users who ardently watch the Bigg Boss show.

During a casual conversation, Raju Jayamohan compared the looks of Akshara Reddy with veteran actress Amala. Thinking that she is getting compared with actress Amala Paul, Akshara expressed her displeasure to him. After Raju clarified about which Amala he mentioned, Akshara Reddy said that she like Nagarjuna’s wife Amala very much and received the compliment of the Vijay TV star.


Fans who watched the show questioned Akshara why she has to demean Amala Paul who is known for her beautiful looks and versatile acting. “Akshara was not happy when she thought that the #Raju was comparing her with Amala Paul !! fair skin doesn’t make her look good” a twitter user said whereas another one said “Amala Paul is indeed beautiful than you akshara period #BiggBossTamil5 if u don’t believe pls see ur nose akshara” through his/her tweet.

Check out some of such reactions below :


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