Akansha Dubey, A 25 Year Old Actress Found Dead In Hotel Room!! Singer Got Arrested

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-09
14:12 IST

Akansha Dubey, a 25 year old Bhojpuri actress found dead in her her hotel room and the mysteries surrounding the death has been making headlines ever since the incident happened. Singer Samar Singh has been arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police in connection with the death of popular Bhojpuri actor Akanksha Dubey. Ms Dubey’s lifeless body was discovered in a hotel room in Sarnath on March 26, and a lookout notice had been issued for Samar Singh and another man shortly afterward. The accused was discovered hiding in a housing society in the Nandgram region of Ghaziabad, bordering Delhi.

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On Thursday night, the Varanasi Commissionerate’s Sarnath police station team arrived in Ghaziabad to apprehend Samar Singh, with the help of local police. The Ghaziabad City Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nipun Agarwal, reported that the arrest was made after a joint operation. Samar Singh is set to be presented in court for transit remand by the Varanasi police team.


Akanksha Dubey, a 25-year-old Bhojpuri actor, had gone to Varanasi to film a movie and was staying in the hotel where her body was discovered. Her death has raised suspicion, with her mother’s lawyer, Shashak Shekhar Tripathi, claiming that the post-mortem report raises questions about the circumstances surrounding her death. Tripathi is seeking the guidance of medical experts to prepare questions for the police.

In the meantime, A CCTV video which got released, showed Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey with an unidentified man shortly before her untimely death in a Varanasi hotel room. The footage, believed to have been captured the night before the tragic incident, depicts Akanksha Dubey conversing with the man in the hotel lobby.

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The actress had returned to the hotel late at night in the company of a friend on the day of her passing. It is notable that the deceased actress’s family members have raised suspicions regarding singer Samar Singh’s involvement in the case.

Moreover, Tripathi has demanded a CBI or CB-CID investigation into the matter, alleging that Ms Dubey’s death was not by suicide but was caused by some individuals in the hotel room. He has also accused several prominent individuals in the Bhojpuri industry of exploiting Ms Dubey by not paying her for her work. Tripathi further alleged that Akansha’s body was cremated forcibly, despite her mother’s insistence that the cremation should take place only after the post-mortem report arrives.


The case has drawn attention to the exploitative nature of the Bhojpuri industry and the need for increased scrutiny of the treatment of actors and actresses. The demands for a thorough investigation and the involvement of CBI or CB-CID reveal the public’s lack of faith in the local authorities to conduct an unbiased inquiry into the matter.

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In recent years, several Bhojpuri actors have come forward to speak out about the difficulties they face in the industry, including harassment, exploitation, and inadequate compensation. The tragic death of Akanksha Dubey serves as a stark reminder of the need for greater protection of actors and actresses in the industry.

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Video Source : Polimer

As the case progresses, the public will be watching closely to ensure that justice is served for Akanksha Dubey and her family. The arrest of Samar Singh is just the beginning of a long legal process that will undoubtedly shed more light on the circumstances surrounding her untimely death. Samar Singh was arrested due to allegedly abetting Akansha to take the extreme decision.

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