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Ajith’s Heroine Got Slammed For Her Workout Video !! Check How She Replied



Ajith’s Heroine Got Slammed For Her Workout Video !! Check How She Replied

Fitness freaks have no place to go for their daily workout at this situation. Not being able to buy gym equipment is one more thing that makes the situation even more worse for them. However, many of them are managing to post videos in Instagram to inspire people to workout even at this period of lockdown to keep their physique fit.

Government’s announcement of 21 days lockdown has turned the lives of people upside down. Many are glued to the Internet as they have no place to go and few people attempting to grow a good habit such as practicing yoga etc in these 21 days. The lockdown which ends on 14th April is likely to extend as the growing rate of positive Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day. So far, 3374 people in India got infected by the virus which killed more than 64,000 people all over the world. The only intention of Indian government now is to avoid community spread.

Now, coming back to the problems faced by fitness freaks at this crucial situation, actress Kaniha who is known for pairing up with actor Ajith Kumar in Varalaru, has faced criticism for working out with books. She used books instead of weight bars and asked her followers to do the same through her post.

Check out the video and caption here :


Now, for this technique, the actress got criticized by one of her 5 lakh followers. The follower asked her to give some respect to books. “Give respect to book, it’s not for playing🙏🙏🙏” he said in his comment. Kaniha immediately replied to him by asking whether she burnt them or stamped them. “am I burning it??am I stamping it?? Am I misinterpreting and misguiding anyone? To my far knowledge being an educated woman myself i think ur comment is very lame.” she counter attacked.

Check out the screenshot of her reply below :


To one more user who commented “Bookuku vandha sodhanai! 😁👍” check how Kaniha replied :


Comment your views on Kaniha’s way of working out !!

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