Ajith & Vijay Fans Joined Hands Once Again !! You Must Check This Out !!

Vijay Ajith fans

In the early hours of Saturday, Indian space agency ISRO’s plan to soft-land Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram module on the lunar surface did not go as per script. India came 0.0006 per cent close to becoming the first country to do a soft-landing on the lunar south pole. In the early hours of Saturday, as Prime Minister Modi looked on and millions watched nationwide with bated breath, Vikram — named after the father of India’s space programme (Vikram Sarabhai) — went silent just 2.1 kilometres above the lunar surface.


Chandrayaan 2 traveled a distance of 3,83,998 km out of 3,84,000 km between Earth and Moon. However, reports says that all hope is not lost yet. As soon as the news of signal lost surfaced in Internet, Twitter users of Pakistan started to troll ISRO.

Twitter is a platform which is very well known among Tamilnadu twitter users for the fights between the fans of famous actors, especially Vijay and Ajith. On seeing Pakistan trolling India for the effort it made, fans of both the actor joined together and started trending hashtags against them. Hashtags #Worthless Pakistan and #Pakistan Slave of India trending worldwide as of now.

Check out few of the tweets under the hashtags :

Last time Vijay and Ajith fans joined when a fan of Telugu movies disgraced Tamil cinema heroes. What do you think on these hashtags ?? Comment your views below !!


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