Aishwarya Rajesh Reacted To The Horrific Crime Of Men Raping A Monitor Lizard!!

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11 months ago

Followed by hundreds of people and a number of activists and  cinema celebrities, prominent Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh came up with an Instagram story, reacting to the horrendous incident of four men gang raping a monitor lizard. The actress, in a way of expressing her displeasure over the society which always blamed the victim in a sexual harassment case, said that the Lizard went through such trauma because of it’s short dress.


Earlier, Female cinema celebrities including MeToo activist Chinmayi reacted to the incident in the same way. They all posed similar questions to the society which is known for blaming the victims in a sexual harassment case. Teju Ashwini who recently debuted through “Enna Solla Pogiraai”, Shruti, a popular TV host who got married to actor Nakkhul uploaded stories in their respective social media accounts along with many other women across social media platforms who are reacting to the horrific incident.

A shocking report about a group of men involving in raping a monitor lizard has sent shock waves to the entire country. The inhumane act took place in the Sahydari Tiger Reserve that is located in Maharashtra. The accused who are identified as hunters reportedly entered the core zone of the forest in the Gabha area of Gothane and committed the heinous crime.


Identified as Sandeep Tukram, Pawar Mangesh, Janardhan Kamtekar and Akshay Sunil, the Maharashtra forest department accused them after checking their mobile phones. The officials, reportedly found the recording of the act in the mobile phone of one of the accused. The clip, reportedly showed the accused gang raping a monitor lizard.

With the help of the CCTV footages, the forest officials who were posted at Sangli forest reserve, traced the accused. In the CCTV footages, they were found roaming in the forest. While inquiring about the details of the incident, authorities came to know that three of the accused came from Konkan to KolhpurKolhpur’s Chandoli village for hunting.

The Forest officials had decided to take up the matter to the Indian Penal Code to discuss the charges against the accused. Officials confirmed that the accused will the produced in a court and legal action will be taken against them.

Reacting to the incident, Aishwarya Rajesh, through her Instagram story, said “I think Lizard wore a short dress” to express her displeasure over the society’a victim blaming mentality.

Here’s the screenshot of her story :


“Okay was the lizard out late in the night ?? Oh was it too friendly and asked for it ? Was it wearing short cloths? Ahh there’s lot of skin showing May be that’s why? Was it drunk?
Im waiting to hear how this world gonna blame the Victim now!” actress Teju Ashwini asked through her story.

Here’s the screenshot of her story :


Here’s what Chinmayi had to say about the same :

Television host Shruti Nakhul couldn’t resist condemning the flawed mentality of the public as well. Check her Instagram story below :


Actress Yashika shared about the news through her Instagram handle as well.


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