AIADMK Accused DMK Of Distributing Money Through Google Pay In 5 Constituencies !!


On Monday, The ruling party urged the Election commission to countermand the elections in five assembly constituencies where the prominent DMK leaders are contesting. Minister D Jayakumar along with the office bearers of AIADMK party, filed petitions for the constituencies which includes DMK leader MK Stalin contesting Kolathur, Udhayanithi Stalin contesting Chepauk-Triplicane, Trichy west where KN Nehru is contesting, Katpadi constituency where K Anbazhagan and EV Velu contesting Tiruvannamalai.

The members of AIADMK alleged that DMK has been involved in distributing money through Google Pay and demanded the elections in the above mentioned constituencies to be countermanded.

Minister Jayakumar, while interacting with the reporters, alleged that MK Stalin’s wife Durga Stalin has been distributing Rs. 10,000 each per women’s self help group in Kolathur. The AIADMK members accused that the DMK party members are paying Rs.5.000 to every individual through G-pay in Kolathur constituency. They demanded the election commission to cancel the candidature of election commission.

Watch the video below :

The AIADMK members accused the DMK cadres of distributing money ranging from Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000 to the voters since 1st of April, in the Chepauk-Triplicane constituency where Udhayanithi Stalin is contesting. They also stated that Rs.5,000 is being paid to voters through G-pay and demanded stringent action against Udhayanithi Stalin besides cancelling his candidature.

The petition also demanded the cancellation of the candidatures in other three constituencies. In another petition, the ADMK has accused Sun news channel of repeatedly telecasting the banned videos, clippings and footages and of violating the model code of conduct. The AIADMK wanted Election commission to issue a gag order to stop the telecast of the banned videos and footages in the Sun news channel.


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