After Balaji, The Unexpected Second Eviction Of BIGG BOSS 2 Tamil !! LEAKED !!

5 years ago

Thadi Balaji has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 2 on Saturday, 22 September. And one more contestant among Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi, Yashika and Riythvika will be shown the door from Kamal Haasan-hosted show a day later.

His elimination has not come as a surprise as people had predicted it. His poor performance was the major reason why people wanted him to be out of Bigg Boss Tamil 2.

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For the first time in the Bigg Boss Tamil, a double elimination is happening in the show. If we go by the people’s response on social media sites, Riythvika has gained a lot of support from the Tamil audience. Her comment that ‘Tamil ponnu (Tamil girl) should enter the finale or should win this season has worked in favour of her. Her calm, matured, quiet and honest nature have overshadowed her shortcomings.


It is an open secret that the Kamal Haasan-hosted Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is one of the most popular and successful shows on TV right now. Hosted by actor-director Kamal Haasan, it has remained the top pick of the fans for nearly three months because of its bold content, wild twists and dramatic showdowns. Unlike the first season, the current one is quite unhinged and this has helped it become quite popular with ‘Gen Y’. Now, here is some news for all you Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 fans out there.

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According to a leading website, Yashika and Thadi Balaji are going to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 this week during the ‘Double Elimination’ episode.
Interestingly, both these individuals have had an eventful stay on the show so far. During the initial episodes, Balaji grabbed plenty of attention because of his shocking attitude towards his estranged wife Nithya. He also ruffled a few feathers because of his foul language. Similarly, Yashika became the talk of the town because of her ‘affair’ with Mahat. The Mankatha actor proposed to him on the show days before his exit.


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Yashika had also grabbed plenty of unwanted attention during the first week when she claimed that the housemates were ill-treating her as she was not a native speaker of Tamil. On a related note, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is all set to wind up in a week and one can expect the last week to be quite captivating. In other words, the fans should expect the unexpected!


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