ADJP Ravi Slammed Those Who Searched Victim’s Name In Po*n Sites !!


The news on Chennai youths are going to get arrested for watching porn video is doing rounds for past few weeks. A fake list of top 10 people who watched highest number of porn videos was also went viral across social media. Tamil meme nation went one step ahead and started making funny memes regarding the same.

It all started after the interview of Additional Director General of Police Mr. Ravi gave an interview to media in a way of warning the youth of the city to stay away from porn sites. In the video we can see Mr. Ravi asking the youths to respect children and women as per the culture of Tamilnadu.

Now in a recent interview with Behindwoods, the police officer explained the process of catching the culprits in detail. “Child pornography is illegal across the world. No website in this world contains such videos as of now. But few miscreants are manufacturing such kind of videos and spreading it. To stop them from involving in such violence, we are gathering their details from ministry of home affairs in order to take appropriate action against them” said the IPS officer.

The officer further says that he got shocked and astonished to know about the state of Tamilnadu and Chennai. “On seeing the contents they have watched, we became so emotional. In a state like Tamilnadu which is known for its culture, we couldn’t believe that they have searched for that content. We even have the list of the videos an individual watched” he said.

During the interview when host Gabriel Devadoss raised question on people searching the name of Hyderabad rape victim in pornsites, ADGP Ravi reacted on it. Gabriel said that there are as many as 8 million people searched her name in the porn website.

Watch the full interview of him here :

Source : Behindwoods

Answering to his question, ADGP Ravi said that it shows the hypocrisy of the public. “It is really shocking. In public platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, people are sympathizing the victim. On the same time they are searching the details of the victim in pornography sites shows the hypocrisy. This attitude among youngsters must change. If we examine such fellows, we could see their personality disorder causing these kind of troubles. Their upbringing is one of the main reason for the way they see children and society. Just because of a police action, it is not going to get solved. Schools, Society and parents should identify such people and should give proper counselling to them which is the only way to stop this issue” Mr. Ravi said in the interview.

Through his interview we can clearly understand that unless or until one really acts in a way of encouraging sexual crimes against children, women they could not be punished under any kind of law. What do you think on this move of Chennai Police ?? Comment your views below !!


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