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“Ada Ponga Da” Ashwin Devastated On Seeing This Video Of Doctors !!

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“Ada Ponga Da” Ashwin Devastated On Seeing This Video Of Doctors !!

Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin who abandoned the IPL tournament due to COVID complications, shared a video in his twitter timeline on Monday and expressed his devastation. Reacting to the video which shows Doctors struggling without oxygen cylinders, Ashwin said that it is killing him. Prithi Ashwin also shared the video saying that it is Heart-breaking.



India is currently combatting the second wave of COVID 19 virus and the shortage of oxygen is causing deaths all over the country. On Monday, Delhi registered the highest ever single-day Covid death toll by reporting 448 new Covid-related deaths. The city registered 18,043 fresh Covid-19 cases in the same period. The cumulative case count is now 12,12,989. The report of CNN shared by Ashwin showed a doctor getting emotional on letting people die due to COVID 19 shortage.

“Eight patients died today, now. Five patients are under resuscitation, may or may not survive just because in the capital city of Delhi and because of want of oxygen which is the lifeline.” Doctor said to the reporters. While talking about what the current situation is doing to him, the Doctor said that cannot explain to them his feelings. “We are dying inside, we are saviors not the murderers. We cannot express our feelings to you. I cannot explain my feelings to you sir, how I am feeling inside.” the Doctor who has been serving for 45 years said.

Watch the video below :


Sharing the video, Ravichandran Ashwin wrote “Ada ponga da! That helplessness written all over that doctors face is killing me” in his tweet.


When a follower said “Trust in reality not in propaganda”, Ashwin replied asking “The video is fake?? The doctor is acting?”

“Heartbreaking. “We are dying inside. We are the saviours, not the murderers” Prithi Ashwin wrote while sharing the tweet.

Earlier, Prithi uploaded a tweet updating that 10 of her family members were infected with the virus and advised people to take vaccines.


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