Actress’s Controversial Statement On The Death Of 20 Year Old Tunisha!!

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3 months ago

On Saturday, a 20 year old actress named Tunisha Sharma was found dead on the sets of her Television show. The actress reportedly hung herself in the make up room of her ex-boyfriend and co-star Sheezan Khan. The deceased’s mother accused Sheezan for the demise of Tunisha. Sheezan is currently on Police remand.


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It has been reported that the duo met three months ago and were involved in a romantic relationship. However, they broke up with each other two weeks before the actress’s death. Going by the reports, Police discovered the chata of Sheezan with his “secret” girlfriend during their investigation.

The Police have seized three iPhones so far as a part of their investigation. The police informed that they had retrieved Sheezan’s chats with Tunisha, her mother and his mother from his mother from his phone that they had seized. It was previously reported that nothing suspicious found in the chat that took place between Sheezan and Tunisha.


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5 hours before taking the extreme decision, Tunisha uploaded a video of herself getting ready for a shot in her Instagram. Tunisha’s mother accused Sheezan of marrying his daughter about marriage and cheating on her later. Sources claimed that Shazeen has been changing statements during the Police investigation.

“All of Shazeen’s statements are being recorded in camera. After speaking about differences in religion being one of the reasons for their break up, Shazeen claimed that he wants to focus on his career” Police report said. They also added that they found the identity of the alleged “secret” girlfriend and are yet to question her.


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The young actress’s decision caused huge outrage among the users of online platforms. Controversial actress Uorfi Javed, while opining about the incident, said that Sheezan couldn’t be blamed for the death of Tunisha. She also added that no girl should take such extreme decision for their love and created awareness about how their loves ones will suffer due to such decision.

“My 2 cents on Tunisha’s case, yes he might be wrong , he might have cheated on her but we cannot blame him for her death. You absolutely cannot make someone stay with you who doesn’t want to stay” the actress said.


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“Girls no one l REPEAT NO ONE, is worth giving up your precious life for. Sometimes it might just seem like the end of the world but trust me it’s not. Think about the people who love you or just try loving yourself a bit harder .Be your own hero. Please give time some time. Even after suicide the suffering doesn’t end, the ones that are left behind suffer even more” she added.

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