Actress Trolled DMK Supporters After Seeing The Comments !!

CM / Updated: 2021-05-01
13:40 IST

Actress and former Bigg Boss participant Kasthuri who is also known for her tweets based on Tamil nadu politics, trolled the supporters of DMK party after seeing the comments of one of her tweets about ADMK. With the result day of Tamil nadu assembly elections is approaching, Kasthuri uploaded a tweet quoting a statement of ADMK party head.



She admired the confidence of ADMK party through one of their statements and wrote “களங்கள் அனைத்திலும் அதிமுக வெல்லும்; கடமைகள் அழைக்கின்றன வெற்றிமாலை சூட தயாராகுங்கள் ” – அதிமுக தலைமை. Gotta love these. #AIADMK” Kasthuri wrote in a tweet of her on Friday.

Check out her tweet below :

After seeing the tweet from her, many of the supporters of DMK party stormed onto her comment section and started abusing her for uploading a tweet supporting their arch rivals. Check out some of their comments below :


On seeing these comments, Kasthuri said that begins to believe that 200 UP os fact and said that the supporters of the party are commenting for the sake of it. “I used to think “200rs UP” is just a pejorative , but now I suspect it is fact. Read the comments from DMK stooges in this thread, hilarious ! கடமைக்கு கமெண்ட் போடுவீங்களாடா? இப்பிடி self goal அடிச்சு திமுக மானத்தை வாங்குறதுக்கு முரசொலி வாசகரால மட்டும்தான் முடியும்.” her teply tweet read.

Check out her tweet below :

Kasthuri a famous actress in Tamil cinema, known for films like Indian, Tamizh Padam etc. She recently participated in Tamil Bigg Boss show as wild card contestant and got evicted in the first week she got nominated. She began her acting career in 1991 in Kollywood and has been subsequently associated with Tamil films. Prior to acting, she has been a model.


Not only for her film appearances, Kasthuri is also known for her existence in social media platforms. She never shied away to post her opinions on political happenings. Her controversial tweets and verbal spat with the followers, often grabbed the headlines.

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