Actress Slammed Media For Ruining Vijay’s Character !!

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Actress Gayathri Raguramm, president of BJP Tamil Nadu’s, Art and Culture Wing came up with a tweet supporting Vijay regarding the recent judgement provided by Madras High Court on a petition filed by the latter in the year 2012. She said that Vijay has always been a real life hero to many poor people and pointed out his donations to the COVID 19 PM and CM care funds. Gayathri also said that the actor had helped many students for education and slammed media for maligning his character and believed that public cannot assassinate Vijay’s good deeds for one court matter.



Judge Subramaniam of Madras high court imposed Rs. 1 lakh fine for actor Vijay who sought tax exemption on a luxurious car that got imported from foreign. It has been reported that the “Gilli” actor imported a Rolls Royce car from England in the year 2012. He was asked to pay entry tax by the Assistant Commissioner of Business Taxation. Followed by that, Vijay filed a petition in Madras high court in the year 2012, seeking exemption for the entry tax.

In the petition, Vijay mentioned that the car couldn’t be used as the Regional Transportation Office (RTO) was not approving it for registration due to the failure of tax payment. During the hearing of the case, Judge Subramanian questioned why the petitioner didn’t mention his occupation in the petition to the lawyer of Vijay, says reports. When he was informed that he was an actor by profession, the judge, reportedly said “Renowned actors like him should pay taxes properly” to the lawyer.

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“Tax income is the backbone of our country’s economy. Taxes must be paid and it is not a donation and it could not be waived off” the judge further said, according to reports. “People’s tax money is being used for the infrastructure of the country such as schools and hospitals. Tamil actors who has potential to become Chief minister of the state, should be an inspiration and act as a hero in real life as well.” Judge schooled.


Judge also condemned the act of Vijay by saying that actors who portray themselves as a socially responsible ones through their movies, shouldn’t involve in evading tax. It couldn’t be accepted, the Judge said who ordered Vijay to pay appropriate tax for the car he imported within two weeks of time. He also slapped Rs. 1 Lakh fine for the actor and directed him to pay the amount to Chief minister’s COVID 19 relief fund within two weeks.

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Trolls emerged from all the directions of Internet criticizing Vijay. Reacting to them, Gayathri Raguramm uploaded a tweet writing “Vijay has always been a real life hero to many poor people. He has donated for COVID PM care funds and CM care funds. He has helped many students for education. He Helps his fans (family). Media should not malign ones character. The matter was in court and ends in court. We should not forget the help. For one court matter we cannot assassinate his good deeds.” and supported him.

Here’s her tweet :


“If he had not voiced those unnecessary dialogues in his movies there wouldn’t have been so much damage. Please remember that this is not against the noble individual Vijay, but against the opportunistic actor Vijay who made politics in his movies.” a user commented to which Gayathri replied saying “Dialogues are not only actors fault. the entire crew should have cross checked some facts. Dialogues are directors responsibility. Actors don’t do research. Censor is also to be blamed.”

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