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Actress Said That She Got Impressed With Balaji Murugadoss !! Got Trolled

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Actress Said That She Got Impressed With Balaji Murugadoss !! Got Trolled

On the friday episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, captaincy task for the upcoming week was conducted. Samyuktha, Balaji Murugadoss and Somashekar were the contestants who competed with each other to become the captain of coming week. While playing the task, instead of going for a win, Balaji Murugadoss blatantly helped Samyuktha to win.


The reason he stated for making her win, impressed veteran actress Sri Priya who expressed it through a tweet in her official twitter account. However, she got trolled by her own followers for supporting the bodybuilder cum model for various reasons.


Bigg Boss provided a task to the three captaincy contenders to become the captain of the house in the coming week. They were required to save balls thrown by the other contestants in a basket given to them. The participant who collects the highest number of balls will be the week’s leader, said Bigg Boss. Instead of going for a win, Balaji Murugadoss made Samyuktha win by adding his balls to her basket.

Samyuktha’s basket had 262 balls whereas Som’s basket had 200 balls. Balaji’s basker contained only 4 balls. When he was asked why he is doing it, Balaji said “I decide who should become the captain”.

Bala putting his balls into Samyuktha’s basket to make her win

Later, Balaji, while talking to Aari said “Someone who cannot be influenced by others, should become the captain” as a reason for making Samyuktha win. On seeing these activities from Balaji Murugadoss, actress Sri Priya who paired with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan during her prime time, posted a tweet writing “Impressed…”

Followed by that, she posted another tweet writing “Impressed with the statement’a woman who can not be influenced should be the captain’” and showed her support to Balaji Murugadoss.


This tweet from her didn’t go well with some of her 5 lakh followers. They said Balaji is influencing Samyuktha by saying that statement. “Sam is influenced by Balaji… you can witness” wrote one of a follower whereas another one said “He is getting a proxy for him . nothing like woman leader etcrtc”

Few went one step ahead and trolled her for blindly supporting Balaji without analysing him. Check out some of their reactions below :


Comment your views on this statement of Sripriya and the reaction she is receiving !!

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