Actress Questioned CM For Meeting Tamil Youtubers !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-10-14
12:43 IST

Senior Tamil actress Kasthuri questioned Chief minister MK Stalin who met the prominent Tamil youtubers after they made donation for sum of Rs. 23.4 lakh to set up an oxygen plant at Thiruvannamalai Government Hospital. The former Bigg Boss contestant asked whether it is an effort of Chief minister MK Stalin to appear updated or media savvy. She also questioned whether it is a recruitment process to hire them to campaign for DMK. Madan Gowri, Journalist Avudaiyappan, youtubers of Plip Plip, U2 Brutus, Aran Sei, Second show channels met the Chief minister and the actress said that DMK is promoting rubbish and also expressed her displeasure over Chief minister doing it.


“Met the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. @mkstalin along with fellow digital content creators to give a cheque of 23.4 lakhs. We collected this through fund collection YouTube stream. The fund will be used to set up an oxygen plant at Thiruvannamalai Government Hospital. Thanks to everyone who contributed for this cause. Thanks to @iyan.karthikeyan na and for organising it.” Madan Gowri who is enjoying millions of followers in youtube said while sharing the post.

Gurubai of “Plip Plip” youtube channel shared about the same in his official Twitter handle.

Journalist Aavudaiyappan, while sharing about the same, replied to those who labelled him as a supported of DMK party. He said that the donation was made beyond diversities such as party, caste, religion etc.


Meanwhile, actress Kasthuri, on seeing the youtubers posing with Chief minister MK Stalin, came up with a tweet writing “Is this CM Stalin’s effort to appear updated and media savvy? Or is it a recruitment for new-gen theepori arumugams? It is obvious @mkstalin doesn’t really know some of these guys. It is one thing for DMK to promote rubbish, quite another for the state CM to do it.” in her tweet.



Doctor cum actress Sharmila replied to Kasthuri saying that they donated money and are known for speaking truth. She questioned Kasthuri for terming the youtubers as “rubbish” and also asked what she did other than tweeting.

Replying to her, Kasthuri accused the youtubers of talking bad words and for making jokes on “gang rape”. “Would our CM receive fund and pose even if Dawood and Binladen ? I am not the one who welcomes everyone who gives fund” Kasthuri said.

Here’s how Sharmila replied back :

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