Actress Kasthuri Wants Ajith Kumar To React !!

Actress Kasthuri Shankar has been calling out the fans of Ajith kumar for quite a long time in Twitter. The 45 years old actress has been facing cyber abuse by a group of people who are projecting themselves as the fans of actor Ajith kumar. Few days ago, Kasthuri caused a Twitter trending against those people for involving in abusive conversation against the actress.

She grabbed the headlines recently for being the cause for the hashtag #DirtyAjithFans to trend nationwide. The incident happened days earlier but the actress is still continues to slam the alleged fans of the actor in the micro blogging social media platform. Kasthuri enjoys more than 2 lakh followers in Twitter, through which she has been expressing her thoughts and opinions.

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Sharing the screenshots of those abusive texts, Kasthuri mentioned the manager of actor Ajith kumar, Suresh Chandra. She also questioned Ajithkumar for not reacting to such as issues. The actress went on to question Twitter India as well. “Come on guys, you have to act. Do the people at twitter actually endorse such harassment? Twitter India And Suresh Chandraa, Ajith Sir, Evvalavu naalaikku summaa irupeenga ? #ShameOnYou #DirtyAjithFans #vicious” the tweet of Kasthuri read.

She continued tweet about the issue by writing “Suresh Chandraa, see what your blind silence is leading to. அவளால என்ன பண்ண முடியும் , கதறுவதை தவிர என்ற திமிர் எங்கேயிருந்து வந்தது? உங்கள் மௌனத்தில் இருந்து வந்தது. Tamilnadu police, Please consider this my complaint against the users whose screenshot is attached here.”

Further, the actress posted the screenshot of the abuser’s handle and asked her followers to inform her about his personal details.

The fan wars and verbal abuses in social media platforms are increasing in daily manner. Ajithkumar is enjoying a huge fan base in the state Tamilnadu. Though majority of them are involved in praising their favourite actor and in celebrating his movies, few of them are involving in fan fights and in cyber bullying.

It is notable that Ajithkumar recently requested his fans to concentrate in their studies and in their responsibilities through a press release.


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