Actress Kasthuri Made A Shitty Comment On Murali Vijay & Dinesh Karthik’s Personal Life !! Check What Fans Did To Her !!


The Indian cricket team is no stranger to defeats, especially on overseas soil. But this is the first time under skipper Virat Kohli that the team has looked so lost, over-run and crushed.

In that sense, Sunday’s result was not just a defeat; it was a gut-wrenching demolition of the very spirit of this Indian side.

A total score of 107 in the first innings and 130 in the second innings of a Test where they were overwhelmed by an innings and 159 was mortifying. But what really underscored India’s unenviable predicament was that their best effort came not from any frontline batsman, but from off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who ended up top scoring in both innings (29 & 33 not out).

Murali Vijay being a opener failed to lead the top order batsman in all the four innings. One gets the feeling he is under great pressure. Rarely has one seen him so anxious as he has been in the nets. He too worked hard in training sessions but without sufficient match play, he wasn’t going to win the battle against himself. Against his instincts. Of flicking an outswinger because it was on the middle and leg line. Yesterday, he got a peach from Jimmy Anderson that cut back in to take the inside edge.

On the other hand it would be a surprise if Dinesh Karthick retains his place now for the next Test. England’s bowlers never allowed him to get any momentum going, and the management might be tempted to throw in Rishabh Pant next game, in the hope a more unorthodox technique might do the trick.

Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik had been really good friends for long but the friendship was destroyed by Murali Vijay in 2012 during IPL-5 when Dinesh Karthik came to know about his wife’s affair with Murali Vijay. Dinesh Karthik divorced his wife, Nikita while she was pregnant with a boy and soon after that Murali vijay and Nikita married each other.

Both Murali Vijay & Dinesh Karthik have kept mum on this issue and have kept them self away from this issue. The three involved in this triangle have acted maturely and have moved on in their life rather than acting as a gossip material for media.

Dinesh Karthik later married to Deepika Pallikal and this new couple seems to be quite happy.

Actress Kasthuri who is known for her controversial opinions in twitter about various events and also appeared in few Tamil films including recent Kollywood parody film “Tamizh Padam”. She made a cheap comment on the personal life of Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik’s after their poor performance on yesterday’s match.

She said “Looks like Dinesh karthik has still not moved on. He is still following Murali Vijay all the time….”

For this statement she received a massive hatred from the fans. Even dancer Sathish also thought it was a lame comment. Check out his and other people’s comments here :

She also criticized Murali Vijay’s poor batting performance through her tweets before tweeting this. Check them below :

What do you think on her statement comment below !!


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