Actress Kaajal Confronted “Draupathy” Director !!


Actress Kajal Pasupathi who is known for her appearance in films and TV shows, confronted director Mohan G in the micro blogging social media platform. The filmmaker shared a post which showed Hindu God destroying a chinese dragon and said that the post will be a whiplash to many people who lives here.

Sharing the post, Kajal Pasupathi asked her followers what he is trying to convey through his tweet. She took a sly dig at Mohan by mentioning him with his caste name in her tweet. “Yenna solla varar Inda Suthran Yendru Avaalal Azhaikapadum ivar” read her tweet.

Mohan who saw this tweet, asked Kajal to work hard to improve her lifestyle instead of trying to gain publicity through shortcut. “Are you out of job now ?? You need publicity ?? Don’t try to reach heights through shortcuts and work hard by having belief in your talent. You can make progress. Nurture good habits. I wish you to get a good life” Mohan said replied to Kajal.

“என்னங்க மேடம்.. வேலை வெட்டி இல்லாம போச்சா.. விளம்பரம் தேவைபடுதா.. இப்படி குறுக்கு வழியில வராம திறமைய நம்பி உழைங்க.. முன்னேறலாம்.. நல்ல குணங்களை வளர்த்துக் கொள்ளுங்கள்.. நல்வாழ்வு அமைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்..” read his reply tweet.

To this reply, Kaajal Pasupathi came up with a tweet saying that she reached the position only through hard work. “I acted in your first film “Pazhaya Vannarapettai” for free. I never touched people’s feet to make progress” Kajal counter attacked.

Mohan denied Kaajal’s statement and said that he paid for her and doesn’t want to boast about it now. “You want me to list out what I have spent for you and the amount of money I paid for you as salary in daily basis ??” Mohan asked the former Bigg Boss participant.

“I don’t know what you paid for whom. But I was only provided caravan, food and salary for assistant. That will be given in the shootings of every film. You have made two films and have no knowledge about this ? There is something called as “Salary”. I never involved in parties while working” the actress slammed.

Director Mohan’s Draupathy film which was made of a limited budget of less than Rs 1 crore went on to collect 14 crores and surprised the film industry. The film became a subject to controversy since the trailer of it released and believed to be a caste-based film.

Meanwhile actress Kaajal who was last seen in Bigg Boss show, was last seen in the sequel of comedy flick Kalakalapu and is expected appear in more films.

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