Actress Gives Back To Those Who Abused Her !!


Actress kasthuri who is having a constant rivalry with the alleged fans of Actor Ajith in Twitter, slammed them again for behaving in a abusive manner even at this kind of pandemic situation. The actress posted a tweet recently regarding tasmac being shut till 31st of March. She said that Corona is doing good in some way.

Check out her tweet here :

To this tweet, a guy with Ajith’s photo as display picture abused her with extreme bad words to which Kasthuri reacted by saying “I checked who is posting this kind of abusive comment. Ajith’s display picture and Mankatha as Bio. Then it’s ok”

Followed by this, she replied to one more Twitter user who posted bad comment :

Followed by this, the actress posted a screenshot of a guy’s comment which spread baseless rumours about her daughter. The guy posted the comment through a parody account of popular movie reviewer Prashanth Rangaswamy. “When entire world is thinking of coronavirus crisis, this is what you guys do sitting at home. Shame on all you #dirtyAjithFans #vicious”

Here’s the tweet :

She even complained against the guy to Chennai police. She requested Twitter to give her his phone number and address. She asked reviewer Prashanth to report against the guy for impersonating.

In her recent tweet, Kasthuri said that the whole country is locked down but Ajith fans are not closing their mouth. “Whole country locked down but these mentally unstable Ajith fans are not going to close their mouth it seems. You keep blabbering, I am going to work on feeding the 60 families of my foundation for the upcoming three weeks” she said.

Actress Kasthuri Shankar has been calling out the fans of Ajith kumar for quite a long time in Twitter. The 45 years old actress has been facing cyber abuse by a group of people who are projecting themselves as the fans of actor Ajith kumar. Few days ago, Kasthuri caused a Twitter trending against those people for involving in abusive conversation against the actress. She grabbed the headlines recently for being the main cause for the hashtag #DirtyAjithFans to trend nationwide.


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