Actress Condemned Maridhas For Demeaning Siddharth’s Profession !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-05-15
12:14 IST

Followed by the continuous tweets of actor Siddharth who condemned the Modi-led central government for the surge in the positive cases of COVID 19 and for the lack of medical facilities in the country, Maridhas, an ardent supporter of the BJP government, uploaded a tweet severely criticizing the “Boys” actor. He countered Siddharth by asking him to post tweets against the newly elected DMK government. However, as his tweet contained abusive terms, demeaning Siddharth’s profession which made Tamil actress Kasthuri to raise voice on behalf of all the actors.



Maridhas, in his tweet, asked Siddharth where the dawn DMK party promised and questioned about the lack of bed facilities in the hospitals of Tamil nadu. He asked Siddharth to comment on the lack of places to cremate the dead bodies. He termed Siddharth as “Koothadi” (folk dancer) in his tweet to degrade his acting profession.

“DMK party is forcing people to pay current bill amidst the pandemic situation. Open your mouth now Siddharth. Talk now” Maridhas said in his tweet.

Here’s his tweet :

Reacting to this tweet, Kasthuri said that a civilized Tamil man would would respect his enemy. “Don’t forget it. Why are you demeaning Siddharth’s profession here. The Sivan you worship is himself a folk dancer. If actors are “Koothadi”, you people are “Vaayadi”, you agree ? Do BJP’s army of actors agree with this attack?” Kasthuri said in her tweet.


“I agree @Actor_Siddharth crosses every line. Perhaps Siddharth’s vitriolic attacks make him fair game for return hate, ‘ da’ and ‘dei”. But his job as an actor has nothing to do with it. Am I right ?” she asked and tagged Tamil nadu BJP leader Murugan, Khushbu, Gayathri Raguramm, actress Gauthami and RK Suresh.

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“Siddharth is not a representative of all the actors. It is not correct to degrade a profession which is respected by many artists, to condemn Siddharth. What is the name for Rajini, Kangana, Khushbu, Akshay Kumar and others in BJP party ? she asked.


“Forgot to tag the original poster- Hey Maridhas, if you want to insult someone, that is your thing. But don’t insult his acting job, then it is every actor’s thing. Thanks !” she further said.

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