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Actor Vivekh Got Upset On Seeing This Sivakarthikeyan Poster !!

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Actor Vivekh Got Upset On Seeing This Sivakarthikeyan Poster !!

Tamil cinema’s comedy actor Vivekh who is known for his socially responsible ideologies, represented them in his films and in his real life as well. The actor is pretty much interactive with his followers in social media platforms and expressed his disappointment over a poster of actor Sivakarthikeyan which was pasted on the sign board in Vadapalani, Chennai that is meant for people to find street names. The issue grabbed the actor’s attention after a follower tagged him and referred to one of his popular comedy from one of his films.



The follower named as “Gokularasan Elangovan” tagged Vivekh and said that he couldn’t find a street name in Vadapalani as a poster of actor Sivakarthikeyan was pasted on the sign board by his fans. He who said it remembered him a popular comedy of actor Vivekh, expressed his dejection over people lacking common sense and tagged actor Sivakarthikeyan to suggest him to advise his fans.

“Today I was trying to find a street in Vadapalani, Chennai. After seeing this One fine @Actor_Vivek joke came in my mind. When our people gonna get common sense??. Pls advise your fans. @Siva_Kartikeyan #AyalaanFirstSingle #Doctor” read the tweet of the actor.

The picture Elango shared, contained a sign board with a poster of Sivakarthikeyan on it. It was done by the fans of the actor to celebrate his birthday which was on 17th of February and they called the “Remo” actor as “Thalaivaa” through the poster.


Check out his tweet of Gokularasan Elango below :


Responding to this tweet, actor Vivekh, through his official twitter account said that fans are involving themselves in such kind of activities due to excess amount of enthusiasm. The film actor who criticized politicians in his film, through his tweet, said that cinema industry is no exception.

“ஆர்வமிகுதியால் இவ்வாறு செய்துவிடுகி றார்கள்!! சினிமாவும் இதற்கு விதிவிலக்கல்ல” read Vivekh’s tweet.

To this tweet of the actor, a fan of actor Sivakarthikeyan named Vimal Raj, replied saying that the poster got removed immediately and the sign board was renovated. He uploaded the pictures and made Vivekh to thank him whole heartedly. “This is what we call as Social change” his reply read.

Check out the fan’s tweet and Vivekh’s reply below :

Another fan uploaded a tweet saying that they planted trees on the birthday of their favourite actor and questioned whether he would appreciate them.


Check out some of the other reactions below :

Watch the popular comedy of Vivekh that was mentioned by Gokularasan Elango in his tweet below :

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