Actor Surya Becomes Durai Singham And Attacks An Innocent Boy Without Investigating What Really Happened


The squabble between
actor Suriya and a youngster

Actor Suriya
has allegedly slapped a youngster on road causing a big controversy. The guy
has launched a police complaint against him and they have started investigating
the issue.
Premkumar, a
football player from Parrys, was travelling in bike with his friend in Adyar. While
passing through Thiru.Vi.Ka nagar he had lost control over his bike as the car
in front of him had applied sudden brake, and he hit the car. The women driving
the car was furious and immediately got down to argue with the two boys. A crowd
had gathered around the scene.
Suriya, who
was passing through the area had intervened. He took the side of the woman and
supported her blindly without hearing the boy’s side of the story. He had
slapped the boy, and sent away the woman and exited the scene himself.
The boys
have filed a complainst against Suriya in Shastri Nagar police station for
slapping them and the public seems to be in support of them. They had seen what
happened on the road and are taking the boy’s side.
This is what
the boy has to say about the whole dispute, however, Suriya’s manager has
another version to it.
The manager
has told that the two boys had actually hit the car of an old lady and been harassing
her. Suriya who passed the place had stepped out of his car and questioned the
two boys before helping the old lady to ride away. He had left his assistant to
take care of the situation while he left the spot. After which, the boys had
filed a complaint against Suriya.
Though we
have both sides of the story, we still don’t know which is true and who is to
be blamed. Suriya’s fans are being hyper after hearing this and they are very
sure that he wouldn’t have assaulted the boys in any way.
Hope that
the investigations bring out the truth and if the actor is found guilty, then
justice be served.


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