Actor Siddharth Thrashed Iphone Products For This Reason !! #BadApple He Hashtags !!

When Apple released the iPhone X last year, it was widely considered to be the best smartphone the company had ever made, marking a major step forward with features like Face ID and a high-end camera to rival the Huawei P20 Pro and Google Pixel 2.


But one year later, Apple is discontinuing the phone that marked the iPhone’s tenth anniversary and heralded a change in how it names its devices.

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Try searching for the iPhone X on Apple’s website, and you’re redirected to a landing page showing off the 2018 range of the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XR. There’s no longer anything showing the iPhone X.

It’s pretty unusual for Apple to discontinue phones. Its normal route is to dock the price of previous year’s models by $100 and to continue selling them, which is what it has done for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 this year. The last time it discontinued an iPhone model a year after announcing it was the iPhone 5, released in 2012 and canned in 2013.

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So why bother discontinuing the iPhone X, its most significant phone upgrade in years?

Apple hasn’t publicly explained itself, though chief executive Tim Cook may explain the firm’s thinking in a future earnings call.


One compelling theory is price.

The new iPhone XS is the successor to the iPhone X, and its starting price is the same as what the iPhone X had previously started at: $999.

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The iPhone XS barely differs from its predecessor. They are the same size. Both boast a dual-lens 12-megapixel camera, both come with the facial recognition feature Face ID. The overall design is much the same. The XS comes with a better chip under the hood and is more waterproof, but for most people, the differences will feel incremental.

On seeing this news highly disappointed actor Siddharth expressed his thoughts through his official twitter handle. Siidharth who never shied away from conveying his thoughts on any organisation or product company. Earlier he bashed Amazon for causing him trouble.

Actor Siddharth Slams Amazon For Their Poor Service !! Says The Company Is An “Epic Fail” !!

He also slammed “Tata sky” for poor service. He posted two tweets against “Tata Sky” Internet broad band where he showed his uttermost disappointment towards the organisation.


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Actor Siddharth Slammed “Tata Sky” In Public For Poor Service !! Fans Joined Him & Brutally Trolled Tata Sky !!

Now he thrashed iPhoneX product for being a failure. He wrote “Their so called greatest (most expensive) phone ever discontinued within a year of launch. One more thing… Disgraceful! They have literally stopped even trying to be decent.

Check what his followers reacted :

What do you think on his tweet , let us know !


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