Actor Natti Condemned “U2 Brutus” Youtubers!!

Followed by BJP’s H. Raja, Gayathri Raguramm and filmmaker Mohan G, cinematographer cum actor Natarajan Subramaniam who is popularly known as “Natti”, took an indirect dig at the makers of “U2 Brutus” youtuber channel for allegedly degrading Lord Shiva through one of their recent videos.


Natti said that people who spread ill statement about Lord Shiva will go to hell and identified himself as an ardent follower of the Hindu God. It all started after one of the presenters of U2 Brutus YouTube channel released a video explaining why Lord Shiva who is also called as Natarajan is lifting one of his legs in an iconic pose of him.

“My thoughts are full of Lord Shiva, There is no fear for the hands that prayed to you. Those who have Shivan in their thoughts would be honoured in all the places they go and those who abuse him will get hell. My greetings to all the followers of Lord Shiva” said Natti through his tweet to express his condemnation over the youtubers.

Check out his tweet below :

Earlier, famous BJP politician H. Raja came up with a tweet demanding the arrest of the person who degraded Lord Shiva.

Check out his tweet below :

“Touching Lord Shiva is equal to self destruction. For the likes of some fools and to earn money, this fool made derogatory statement against Lord Shiva. DMK hasn’t initiated any action as of now. Let Lord Shiva take the right decision”  said Choreographer cum BJP representative Gayathri Raguramm said in her tweet.

“If DMK fails to arrest the person who degraded Lord Shiva and fails to take any kind of action against the channel, it shows that the ruling party is acting against Hindu religion. No point in Hindu people who belong to that party working for it. Everyone should condemn DMK’s indirect attack at ra religion” she further said through her series of tweets.

“It triggers me to abuse their birth. Due to dignity, I couldn’t say anything in public” G Mohan who is known for directing films such as “Draupathy”, “Ruthrathandavam” said in his tweet as well with many other believers of Hindu religion expressing their angst through their tweets.



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