Activist Criticized Annamalai’s “Women’s Day Wishes Post” !! Check His Reply

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1 year ago

Tamil nadu BJP leader Annamalai, on 8th of March, came up a post in his official Twitter handle, conveying his wishes for women’s day. Uploading a picture of himself greeting with folded hands along with Prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP president J. P Nadda, Annamalai wrote “The Energy our Narisakthi posses, the care they shower, the multi dimensional approach they have on every single aspect is what makes our women to stand out. Thank you to all our Mother’s & Sister’s for making this world a better place! Happy Women’s Day!” in his post.

Check out his post below :

On seeing the pictures on men being highlighted in the post, Dr. Audrey Truschke, an activist, criticized the post saying that BJP loves women so much that they made them invisible in their post by placing a mere silhouette behind men lined up.

She also added a Thirukural in her reply tweet to denote how useless it is to wish women without giving importance to them. “The BJP loves women so much that they made them invisible, literally a silhouette behind a line-up of men. “What use are eyes that look like eyes But lack boundless sympathy?”
–Tamil Kural of Tiruvalluvar, trans. PS Sundaram #IWD2022 #BJP #sexism #men”

Here’s her tweet :

Reacting to the allegation of Audrey, Annamalai came up with a series of tweets listing out how BJP gave higher positions to women and invited the activist to attend the speeches of Narendra Modi. He asked Audrey to spend more time in India and said that it would help her to understand the country fully.

Madam, For your kind info, I come from a land called Bharat where more than 90% of our Gods are Women. Attend some BJP meetings if time permits and especially the ones hosted by our Hon PM @narendramodi avl, it will relieve you of your misguided academic principles” said Annamalai in his first tweet.

“And you better be enlightened; There are 11 women ministers in the central ministry, highest in the last 17 years. This includes our Hon FM @nsitharaman avl who was previously our Hon.Defence Min as well. Our Women have long broken all ceilings which is your benchmark now” he added.

International Women’s day for you could be an occasion to rejoice but for us in our land, it’s to reinforce the notion – our whole life revolves around Women (our mother’s & sister’s). I also invite you to kindly spend more time in our country so that you understand us fully!” the Politician further said.

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