Acid Issue : Woman Poured Acid On Her Boyfriend?? Here’s The Truth

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2 weeks ago

Acid being thrown on a youth named Karthik by his girlfriend grabbed headlines across the social media platforms. However, it has been discovered that it is not acid but hot oil that burned 15% of his body. On Saturday, a 27-year-old woman named B Meena Devi poured hot oil on her boyfriend, A Karthik, after a quarrel over his affair with another woman. Karthik sustained burn injuries and was admitted to a private hospital. Meena is married to Karthik’s cousin and has been having an extramarital affair with him for more than two years.


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Karthik immediately went to a private hospital and told the doctors that he had been attacked with acid by his lover. However, after providing him with first aid, doctors referred him to another private hospital in Erode town, where his condition is said to be stable. According to the Bhavani police, Meena and Karthik were friends and studied together in college near Bhavani. Meena got married to Karthik’s cousin three years ago, but she and Karthik continued their relationship. However, when Karthik fell in love with another woman, Meena became angry and started pressuring him to marry her. Karthik refused, and this led to the argument that ended in Meena pouring hot oil on him.

The Bhavani police were alerted and held an inquiry with Karthik, after which they registered a case against Meena. She has been detained for an inquiry, but the police have not arrested her yet as the investigation is ongoing.

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This incident is a tragic reminder of the dangers of extramarital affairs and the lengths that people will go to when their relationships are threatened. While it is understandable that Meena may have felt hurt and betrayed by Karthik’s decision to end their affair, her actions were extreme and could have caused much more harm than they did.

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It is also important to note that violence in relationships is never acceptable, regardless of the circumstances. No one deserves to be physically harmed or threatened, and there are always healthier ways to deal with relationship issues than resorting to violence.

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence or abuse in a relationship, there is help available. There are many organizations and resources that provide support and guidance to those who are in need. It is important to reach out and seek help, whether it be from a trusted friend, family member, or professional.

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The incident in Bhavani serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers of extramarital affairs and the consequences of resorting to violence in relationships. It is important to remember that healthy communication and mutual respect are essential in any relationship, and that violence is never an acceptable way to deal with problems.

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