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“Abirami Struggling To Sleep At Nights & Her Eyes Looked Red” Says The Lawyer Who Met Abirami In Jail !!



“Abirami Struggling To Sleep At Nights & Her Eyes Looked Red” Says The Lawyer Who Met Abirami In Jail !!

Videos of Abhirami, who poisoned and killed her two children, have gone viral on social media, shocking viewers. The videos showing her singing songs and narrating filmy dialogues with her alleged lover have surfaced during police investigations.

A special team of the city police nabbed this 25-year-old woman who allegedly killed her two children, aged 4 and 7, by poisoning them at Moondramkattalai, near Kundrathur, on Saturday.

The police said Abirami’s husband Vijay, who works in a private bank, returned home on Saturday morning only to find their son and daughter dead. He immediately informed the Kundrathur police.


The police sent the bodies to the Government General Hospital at Chromepet for post-mortem examination.

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Preliminary investigation revealed that Abirami had an extramarital affair with Sundaram, whom she met at a restaurant.

Abhirami (25) lived with her husband Vijay (30), who works at a private bank and her children Ajay (7) and Karumila (5) on at Agastheeswarar Koil Street at Kundrathur here. On Friday, while her husband had gone to the office, she poisoned her children and eloped with her lover, Sundaram, who worked at a biriyani shop nearby.

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Now, during investigations, the video conversations of the woman with her lover, along with several filmy songs and dialogues, including that of Priya Prakash Warrier from the Malayalam film ‘Oru Adaar Love Story’ have begun circulating across social media, leaving viewers shocked and questioning the mental health of the woman.

Police sources said that Abhirami used to video call and also record herself and her lover often, especially when her husband would step out of the house. The neighbours had even complained that she used to beat her children Ajay and Karumila if they interrupted her video calls. The neighbours had even alerted the police once, after hearing the commotion in their house.

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This case attracted media attention as a mother herself poisoned her two children before attempting to elope.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Abhirami and her husband Vijayakumar had a love marriage eight years ago and moved to Kundrathur just five months back. Abhirami met Sundaram when the family dined at the hotel often.


The duo planned to kill all three, including the husband and elope to Nagercoil.

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Vijayakumar, the husband, was invited to Rajinikanth’s residence where the actor expressed his condolences. Vijayakumar explained the unfortunate occurrence and was consoled by him, reports said.

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Now in Puzhal Jail where Abirami is in custody has been demanding for a separate jail to the Jailor as her Jailmates were torturing her to tell the story behind her.

According to a report in Vikatan , a lawyer who met Abhirami inside the jail said “She started crying when i asked about the incident and we consoled her”

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The first thing she said after stopped crying is “I have done sin”. On saying that she again started crying. Then Police officers approached her and said she don’t have to say anything if she doesn’t feel comfortable. Then Abhirami accepted to talk. Abhirami said “We stayed in a house that rented 3500 Rs. per month. My son Ajay 3 month old baby then. House owner sister who was very helpful kept and took care of Ajay most of the time. My mother also helped a lot as she lived nearby us.


After seeing Sundaram in that popular hotel, our relationship became closer as he delivered food in our home itself. At first Vijay had not told anything but later he warned me for the way Me and Sundaram behaved. But I could not resist myself form having relationship Sundharam. I acted by his words, I have done those sins only to live with him peacefully” She said reported the lawyer.

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“Do Sundharam has any connenction with the murder??” asked the lawyer to which Abhirami remained silence some time and said “No”.

“How was your mind state at that time ??” was asked by the Lawyer to Abhirami to which she reportedly said “Everything happened. I could not forget that incident. I am dying daily without getting sleep because of that sinful act. Please don’t ask me anything more” cried Abhirami.

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The Lawyer then said “Abirami did not denied any of the news that surfaced in Media. She looked very tense and her eyes looked reddish. She seems really broken. “I don’t deserve forgiveness” was something she mentioned often at the meeting.The counselling she needs has been provided. “Come next week , I will tell everything” was the last thing Abhirami said reported the Lawyer.



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