Abhirami Venkatachalam Shared An Audio Regarding The “Kalakshethra” Issue !!

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-06
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Abhirami Venkatachalam, through her official Instagram handle, shared an audio of a woman, saying that she needs to be supported. The actress replied to the questions asked to her about acting in a film like “Nerkonda Parvai” and blaming the victims. Abhirami said that she stood for the victims even before she acted in that film. Stating that she is going to put some light on an incident which needs attention, Abhirami shared an audio from twitter.

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“Apparently, I have been questioned on Twitter platforms saying I did a film like nerkonda Parvai and not
supporting what’s been happening in MY clg (Kalakshetra). First of all let me say something clearly, before even acting in the film I always stood for the truth and have never feared of speaking it open, I don’t twist and turn things for others ego boost or jealousy… I think I clearly remember what I spoke in the interview, I didn’t voice
out because I didn’t want to, do you all want to know the reason?” Abhirami questioned.


“No one asked me why and started harassing me instead… I am supporting the victim who is really to be supported, I said there’s always two side story, did anyone try to even find out …? I will put some light on it…
pls do listen to the audio link lam sharing here, you can play it from 45min timing… again lam saying pls know the fact before defaming Kalakshetra for some vultures benefit … again I would like to stress on that lam not against the students ….. I am supporting the victim who had been harassed by the glorified female vultures of MY clg Kalakshetra” her story read.

Here’s the screen shot of her story :

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Here’s the audio shared by the Abhirami in which she wanted everyone to hear from 45th minute  :

Further, Abhirami added few more stories among which one of them read “I really didn’t want to share
something that would have anyones name in the proof, but you ppl left me with no choice… the truth has to come out…. i mean the really truth not “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, The girl had been into depression because of these harassment… which was done by the glorified saviours of Kalakshetra now… who are the main reason for the defamation of MY clg”

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“I would love to add like they said in all their post #justsaying #justiceforkalakshetra #stopdefamingrukminidevi
Main act done for their personal grudge …. and for the director post that the woman was trying catch
since years…. don’t make me talk more than this I DO NOT WANT TO MENTION NAME Have not been raised to strip ppl naked in public” her story further read.


Through her next stories, Abhirami said that she never believed in caste system and requested public not to twist her words. She also shared a picture herself from her second year of Kalakshethra. Here’s the screenshot of her next stories :



It all started after Abhirami claimed that defamation of “Kalakshethra” is what happening now while giving an interview to media. “I’m a kind of person who voice out for the issues based on sexual abuse. Being an alumni of Kalakshethra, I don’t like talking about the issue. We shouldn’t see one side of a story always. Lot of comments are surfacing based on the one side story that has been told” She said in the interview.

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“It is said that the harassment is taking place for the past 10 years. Revathi mam was not a director at that time but many are blaming her. That teacher was never given a chance to speak. He has a daughter and wife but no one cared about it. Teachers whom we looked up to, are being defamed now” She further said.


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