“Aadhan” Tamil Madhesh Sheds Tears After His Video Leak!!

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CM / Updated: 2023-03-23
09:27 IST

“Aadhan” Tamil channel’s Madhesh released a video in his official social media handles, reacting to the leaked video of himself receiving bribe and getting drunk at a hotel. In the video, Madhesh could be seen getting emotional and expressing his regret for becoming a victim of circumstance. Many users of social media platforms including BJP leader Annamalai consoled him and pacified him to make a come back in his field.

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“All of you must have watched the videos that are getting released for the past 5 days. It’s me who is in the video. That meeting took place during June, July, August of last year. I came to know about this ” Business Consultant” through a media person of another channel. He said that all important journalist are taking part in the meeting and asked me to attend it in order to know about the reason” Madhesh said in the video he released.

“I went for a dinner to meet that person and he said that worked in various cities such as Delhi and Mumbai and is going to work for 2024 election in Tamilnadu. He gave me a certain amount to me for my visit. I received the money and he listed a number of people and asked me to introduce them to him. Without having a clear understanding, I accompanied 5 people they asked me to do so. I couldn’t realize my actual situation at that time” Madhesh said in the video.

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“I have been staying in my home for the past 4,5 days. I couldn’t feel this situation and couldn’t express it as well. My entire family crumbled due to this situation. I can’t console my parents and my wife. My 2 years old son is trying to speak to me but I couldn’t respond” Madhesh said with a breaking voice.

“I got completely broke and living as a walking corpse. I became a victim of my situation. I need to ask sorry to my family members, they believed me with their whole heart” said Madhesh and went on to talk about his company Aadhan which moulded him as a person he is today.

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“I never talked about this “meeting” to my company. I thought that there will be a “business” and planning to open about it to my company after finalizing the “business”. I apologize for the way I spoke about the family members of Madan Ravichandran. I shouldn’t have spoke that way. I exaggerated many things to get that business. I talked bad about few political leaders. I don’t know how am I going to come out of this” said Madhesh.

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“I really don’t have energy. I don’t know what am I going to do next. My biggest “sorry” to the people. I don’t know that this will happen. People would talk to me in public place and will take pictures with me. Now, I spoiled that name myself. I just realized how I should have approached this. Today, I realized that I must have avoided that “meeting”. If “Aadhan” and people give me one chance, I will restrain myself from committing these kind of blunders and will gain a good name” Maadhesh said.

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“My son is just 2 years old. When he grows up, I don’t want him to see my videos in YouTube in this way. I want to change everything. As of now, I think my career and life ended. I’m trying to come back but I don’t whether I could make a come back. I apologize to everyone for my mistake” Madhesh said before concluding his video.

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