A Set Of People Condemned IPL Getting Telecasted Amidst The COVID 19 Situation !!

The deadly virus named COVID 19 continues to affect the people of India as they are cope up with news of increasing deaths and rising numbers of infections in large parts of the nation. Major cities in India reel from crumbling hospital infrastructure as lack of medical oxygen and hospital beds drive families of those infected to despair.

On Friday, India recorded as many as the world’s highest single-day spike with 3,32,730 fresh Covid-19 new cases in 24-hours, pushing the overall caseload to 1,62,63,695, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Friday morning. This is the first time any country has recorded over 300,000 cases in just 24 hours.


Social media timelines are filled with people seeking help for oxygen, blood etc. Amidst such situation, a number of people in social media came up with tweets condemning the cash rich twenty over league tournament being telecasted in a celebratory mode. They questioned the necessity of the tournament and condemned products being advertised and people associated to the event celebrating it.

“How insensitive, cruel it is for IPL to be shown on TV in celebratory mode and for advertisers and commentators to sell their wares when a beastly tragedy is striking the nation. Will any stakeholder speak or is everything on sale for profits, even death.” said a twitter user named Pradeep with many others expressing similar opinions.

However, people defended IPL saying that the mental health of people is also important and argued that it reduces stress. Some also said that it is the profession of few and questioned whether everyone of us left our profession to battle COVID 19.

Check out some of the reactions below :

Check out the reasons people state to make IPL continue :


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