A Pakistani Indirectly Abused Actor Siddharth For Posting Against Paksitan !! Siddharth Gave Him A Fitting Reply !!

CM / Updated: 2019-02-24
00:40 IST

Actor Siddharth who never shied away to give his voice for social issues did not missed to comment on the Pulwama attack as well. The cowardly attack from a terrorist group from Pakistan with the help Pakistani government (which is believed by everyone) cost us more than 40 CRPF officers.


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The grief of the loss of our martyred soldiers affected not only their respective families but also the entire nation. Many came forward to donate something that they could afford to the fallen heroes. Even BCCI decided to cancel the opening ceremony of IPL in order to make the money helpful to the families of our soldiers.

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Siddharth who got irked with the behaviour of Pakistan government posted a furious tweet suggesting Indian government to cut all the ties with the arrogant neighbour who is maintaining silence since the issue took place in Pulwama.


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His tweet read as “Why is it so difficult to lock #Pakistan out? As a repeat offender, they should be branded an unstable, untrustworthy neighbour; cut off all ties political and cultural, end any economic benefits and push the international community to stand with us. Protect our heroes. #Pulwama.”

This tweet made a Pakistani fitness trainer named Haroon Mirza abuse Siddharth indirectly with pseudo words. He replied “Sick my duck 😂”

Siddharth who is known for his epic replies to the users who tried to troll or mock him never let this guy to get away with what he just did. the actor gave him a perfect slipper shot in his very own way. In his reply to the abuser Siddharth wrote “You should find a good Pakistani vet for your duck.”

This comment even made his fellow colleague and emerging hero Shanthanu laugh :

That did not end there. Even the people from our place did their part to make him run away. Check out some of their comments :

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This is indeed shocking see them behaving in this way after all what happened. This is high time for them to realize what it is losing or killing a life really means. By the way these kind of replies from famous personalities like Siddharth may give us a temporary healing but the permanent solution depends on both the governments and politicians.

What do you think on this reply from Siddharth ? Comment below !!

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