Label Of “Jayalakshmi Appalams” Which Was “Prepared By Brahmins” Created Huge Debate !!

After a twitter user, handle name of whom reads as Dr. B Karthik Navayan, uploaded a picture of the front label of an “Appalam packet”, a huge debate took place in the micro blogging social media site between two set of people. The label showed that the “Appalams” were prepared by Brahmins and Karthik, bio of whom says that he is a Practicing Lawyer, Ambedkarite and human rights activist, said that “Casteism” still exists in the society and people are just pretending like it went away.


Despite of the several movements and actions are being taken against caste discrimination, caste pride and valuing people based on their caste is still being practiced by a large section of people, especially in the rural parts of the country. Karthik, in a way of venting his emotions out, came up with the post and talked about the existence of caste in the society.

“Casteism does not go away because you pretend it does not exist” capion of his post read. The picture he added show “Use Jayalakshmi Appalam, Prepared by Brahmins” in bold letters. Most importantly, company of the Jayalakshmi Appalam is located in Arumbakkam of Chennai which is evident through the label.

Check out his post below :

The post created huge debate among the users of twitter with a set of people arguing that the mentioning of caste in a label is no casteism but ruling that the product should only be consumed only by the people of particular caste in “Casteism”. Others questioned about the mentioning of other “castes” in other products too.

“Please get your facts correct. “Prepared by Brahmins “ is not caste discrimination. “Prepared only for Brahmins is caste discrimination” a follower said whereas another one wrote “Caste discrimination is what you may try to speak. Food preparation is a personal choice. Brahmin preparations ARE a brand by themselves. Specific ingredients, formula and preparation. Your criticism is going to take you nowhere.”

However, there were people who called out the act of mentioning caste name in the product’s label as well. Check out some of the reactions the lawyer’s post garnered :


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