A Chance For The City Residents To Grow Their Own Food In Real Farm !! : Inspiring Initiative To Be Embraced !!

5 years ago

Imagine a scenario where you don’t have to visit a garden to buy vegetables. What’s better, you can choose to grow what you want to eat, in the comfort of your home.


Yes, it is possible now. We all who are living in this congested city longing to eat healthy food. Infact, we always wish to eat fresh vegetables which are derived directly from the farm lands. Unfortunately we are not able to do it as we are residing in a place where huge buildings of corporate and real estates are built.

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myHarvest Farm is an innovative initiation to help urban people grow their own food in their own farm. myHarvest Farms is an idea to create urban farmers and help them grow their own food in a real farm. People living in the city can rent a mini farm for a monthly subscription fee, choose veggies to grow, manage the farm online and also enjoy fresh produce delivered to their home. This is beneficial for farmers too. Farmers can go natural, connect to their consumers and feel happy and satisfied by earning a stable income every month from people’s subscriptions.

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The four primary concerns of this myHarvest Farm are,

  • ·        Happily rent a mini farm.
  • ·         Choose vegetables to grow for your family. Let our farmers sow & nurture those plants for you using natural farming methods.
  • ·         Stay updated about what’s happening at your mini farm through photos or videos using the “myHarvest Farms” app.
  • ·         Get fresh produce home delivered. Else customers can visit & harvest their produce. Experience farming!

The main motto of this intiation is to support farmers and improve their livelihood. The beneficiaries also can learn farming on the go. These all can be practiced for an affordable monthly fee. Watch the video below to get a better idea about myHarvest Farm.

The Founder Archana P Stalin along with her husband Stalin Kalidoss championing this cause, and are working hard  to revive gardening and farming among the urban population.


Archana is very active on Facebook, and when friends and acquaintances began to post queries related to farming, she realised that many of them were interested, but didn’t know where, or how to begin. She sensed an opportunity and decided to help them out.

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myHarvest Farm was launched this month on 18 and people can make use of this opportunity by calling the number mentioned below:

Call : 8220043502 

or can also visit their website in order to contact them. Here is the link of their website :

website: www.myharvestfarms.com


Become an urban farmer today with “myHarvest Farms”!

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