90s Kids Baffled Over The Crowd That Gathered For A Youtuber !!

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9 months ago

Tamil nadu based online users who are born between 1990-99 baffled on seeing a video which shows thousands of people who are believed to be born after 2000 gathering to witness a youtuber. Most of the 90s kids are upset over the younger generation getting addicted and following a single personality who runs a youtube channel streaming the videos of his bike rides.


Twin Throttles is a youtube channel with 2.75 million subscribers. The channel which has uploaded 634 videos so far, predominantly streams videos of Coimbatore based youngster named Vasan riding bikes. Most lately, Vasan uploaded a special video for his birthday, titling it as “😡Meet up gone wrong because of 🍺Our Birthday party celebration 🎉”

Watch the video below :

The 38 minute long video showed the youtuber being celebrated by thousands of youngsters and himself riding his bike. The video garnered 2 million views in Youtube with nearly 3 lakh people liking it. Majority number of comments that surfaced for the video are positive as well. It has been reported that nearly 8000 fans of TTF has attended the meet up.

In the meantime, clips of the youtube video started getting widely shared in other social edit platforms with reactions questioning the gathering. “I may be overreacting but this Social media influencing society in worst way possible. Enga poi mudiya pogutho therla… sigh 🤢” a twitter user said whereas another one asked “why don’t you initiate action against this nefarious element and block his youtube channel? He is certainly misleading the 2K idiots and if left untreated, these idiots are bound to become a big headache for common men” to the Tamil nadu Police.

Here’s some of the reactions :


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