List Of 8 Things We Chennaites Do Without Fail Whenever It Rains!!

The first thing all of us thought at 3.30 pm today was…is this Chennai? :O We have started getting rains for the past few
days and it has been pouring like there’s no tomorrow!
We Chennaites love the rain more than anything, and getting them during the peak
of summer is a blessing in disguise!
There are few things we love to do or rather will definitely do when it rains. Some of
them are..
1. Getting Wet
Image result for getting wet in rain
Every One loves to get fully wet when it rains. Those who have done it know what a great
experience and fun it is. I remember I used to beg my mom to go to the
terrace to get wet. I still do 😛
2. Having Pakoda/ Bajji with Tea
Image result for pakora with tea
The cool atmosphere and steaming hot tea is a killer combination that all of us love.
And some spicy pakoda/ bajji will just make our mouths to water and feels like
heaven when we have the first bite!
3. Listening to Ilayaraja/ARR Songs
Image result for listening to music in the rain
Listening to Ilayaraja songs is a bliss, but listening to his songs when it rains is just
‘Vera Level’! Nothing can give this feeling of satisfaction, and if you are in
love…ahemmmm 😉
4. Going for a Long Drive
rain riding
This is a must when it rains. It doesn’t matter if you have a cycle, bike or car, driving
through a lane filled with trees and the rain splashing against you can be
compared to nothing!
5. Updating a Status
Hasn’t this become a trend for all youngsters. Getting wet or not, our first thing to do
when the rain starts is to update our FB, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat with
statuses about how we are enjoying in the rains.
6. Playing Outdoor
Image result for playing in the rain
Water puddles. Heavy rains. Best friends. And a game = Best thing you can do! Running
and falling in dirty water and playing your favourite game in this weather can
feel so good.
7. Falling in Love with Nature
Image result for admiring nature in rains
Sitting near your window or in balcony and watching the ‘pit pit patter’ of the raindrops
can make you realise how beautiful it is and make you fall in love with Mother
8. Kissing your Loved One
Admit it. Holding your bf/ gf hands and setting the romantic mood in, looking into each others’ eyes and slowly kissing. A scene straight out of movies, but a fairytale when
happens for real!
Haven’t you all experienced these when it rains! We love rains and we love to do these
while raining, isn’t it? 🙂


Comment what else you do when it rains!


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