8 Simple And Unknown WhatsApp Hidden Shortcuts That You Didn’t Know All These Days!!


1. There is a typewriter font on Whatsapp.

Go to the punctuations tab on your chat, and enclose your message with three characters of ` on either side.

Send the message, and it’ll go through in the typewriter font.

2. Use WhatsApp to turn your videos to GIFs in a jiffy.

Go to any chat, and click the ‘+ icon on the bottom left.

Click on ‘Photo & Video Library from the popup menu and select a video from your library under the limit of 64MB.

In the video editing view, slide the video length cropper down to 5 seconds or less.

And that’s how your videos get turned into a crazy gif.

3.Hide your phone number when using WhatsApp.

You’ll need two SIM cards for this

* Insert the old SIM and activate WhatsApp on it.

* Replace the old SIM with the new one.

* When prompted, choose to go with the old number on WhatsApp.

Now, nobody will be able to get your current number if they have you on WhatsApp.

4. Send someone a WhatsApp message without actually typing anything. 

Say “Hey Siri” (iOS) or “OK Google” (Android) and then, ask it to “send a WhatsApp to” followed by the name of your contact, and then say “saying”, followed by your message.

 5.Create your own ‘notes’ chat where you can save photos, links, voice clips etc.

Create a new group and add any one other contact to it.

After creating the group, delete the participant and start saving your pictures, notes, voice notes etc.

6.Find out whom you’ve interacted with the most on WhatsApp.

 * Go to “Settings” on your WhatsApp screen.

* Click on “Data Usage” and then on “Storage Usage”

A pop up will tell you the ranking of the chats according to time spent along with the breakdown of how many messages you’ve sent to that person or group.

7.Save a date on WhatsApp as an ‘event’ in your phone’s calendar.

Whenever we type a date, time or link, it appears to be clickable on Whatsapp, right?

What you didn’t know is that you can also create an event by simply clicking on it which will take you to the option “Create Event” and let you add an event to your phone’s calendar.

3. Swipe right on a message to reply.

Just swipe right on the specific line or quote and Whatsapp will do the rest. 


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