7 Ways To Make A Girl Text You Back

We understand the trauma and tension guys undergo when they send a text message to a girl and THAT girl doesn’t reply back. Even after days, and you don’t know what to do to make her reply. To text her again or wait for a few more days.
Don’t worry, we have got you covered here. You can use these ways to make a girl text you back or reply to your message if you have waited long enough.
1. Change your profile picture where you look super hot

Once you bowl her over with a dashing picture of yours, she will never be able to stop texting you. Try to put a picture that highlights your best feature.
2. Put a picture with another girl on Facebook/Whatsapp

Nothing works like curiosity does for a girl. Put up a picture with any girl (even your sister, cause she won’t know right!) and wait to get a text immediately from THAT girl asking who this girl is!
3. Upload a picture with your pet

Girls go ga-ga about pets! If you get to know her favorite one, either a dog or cat, then go ahead and put your selfie with one of them. And be assured to get ‘awwwwww’ from your girl asking the pet’s name and stuff.
4. Drop her an ‘Accidental Text’

Well, it’s not going to be accidental for you, of course. But you are going to portray it as accidental for her. Drop her a random text and when she replies just say that it wasn’t meant for her. Act cool so she doesn’t find out though!
5. Play the innocent vixen

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Another way, just like the accidental text, is to send her one saying your phone was dead for a while and that her texts might not have been delivered to you. Clever right? πŸ˜€ She will definitely text back saying no, but you can start your conversation right there!
6. Text her with a bold statement

You can just send her a text saying that she owes you a treat for some reason. She is definitely going to say ”noway”! Now you can be the good guy and tell her “no issues, I’ll take you our and give ou one”. And no girl will say no to a date πŸ˜‰
7. Send her a reminder text

This one has to be something sweet and touching. Send her some cute message or forward or picture, saying this totally reminds you of her. This will make her feel good and she will definitely reply to say a thanks.

So like every nice guy out there, you can wait and wait to get a reply back from her. Or go ahead and do one of these to try your luck πŸ˜›


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