7 Reasons Why Men Lie To Women

Men are not born liars. In fact, they are the most open and frank types you will ever come across. But, women tend to make things hard for them, and apparently, guys end up lying to them.
If it’s something that men really want to do and you didn’t approve of it, chances are that they will do it anyway and not tell you about it. Controlling and denying him will only lead to more lies and damage your relationship.
Let him free and there will be no lies whatsoever, unless he really wants to cheat you. So here are the most common reasons why men to women!
1. Men want to avoid drama

Most women get upset and react dramatically when men are telling the truth. They just sugarcoat things and tell women what they want to hear, to avoid facing the drama. It’s not that they actually want to lie; they only do that to avoid heated arguments, disagreements, and potential scream-offs.
2. Men are scared to hurt your feeling

Men also lie in order to cover up the truth they suspect that you may not like. If a man knows not telling the truth is harmless enough and causes less drama, he will do it.  So, instead of saying he is having dinner with his old friend (female friend), he would say  he would be late from work.
3. Men feel insecure at times

Men are insecure too, just like women. Men will usually lie a bit  about their job, the places they have been and their financial status because they want to impress women. Sometimes they feel that they are not ‘good enough’ or ‘man enough’ for a woman they really like.
4. Men like to boost their egos

Now we all know most men have huge egos and if a little lie here and there can give their egos a little boost, they will definitely go for it. Lying about a girl who is across the road saying she’s actually stalking him might just be the way of self-boasting!
5. Men always want to avoid confrontation

There’s nothing a man hates more than confronting his woman. If he thinks a little lie will be able to avoid confrontation, he will do it; he will be dishonest a thousand times if he has to. 
6. Men don’t trust women easily

As a matter of fact, most men don’t trust women. He knows no matter what he says or does, she will still judge him. Also, men feel women are not trustworthy because they tend to gossip and he doesn’t want people to know about his private life. 
7. Men like to get their space

Men always need their space. Be it before or after getting into a serious relationship. They need to have their own times and times with their male buddies. And when their girlfriend doesn’t approve of it, they obviously have to lie and go. They don’t want your approval or answer your questions when you call them as they are partying with their guys.

These are the most common reasons why guys tend to lie to a girl. These may seem very harmless and almost right from the guys’ point of view. But there are some douche bags who would keep lying for every single thing. That is not fine, and you need to let go of him immediately! 


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