6 Ways to make your visit to Covelong Beach in Chennai a lifetime memory

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Forty kilometers from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is located the beautiful beach of Covelong or Kovalam. It is famous for splendid scenic beauty and glittering silvery beaches. It is located in the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.

In close proximity to Chennai, this is an excellent place to go for a trip with loved ones. Not only the relaxation and time spent with loved ones counts; Covelong Beach also offers a whole lot of other activities, which will definitely make your visit a lifetime memory! Here is a list of how to make it so:

6. Never miss a Walk down the Beach at Sunset

Walking down the beach is the best form of enjoyment after a hard days work! The Covelong Beach is sure to jazz things up for you – the view of the sunset is claimed to be extraordinary from the beach. It is said that many people from Chennai take a short route by boarding a bus and come to this beach to have a glance at the beautiful sunset. This purely natural phenomenon is definitely going to be one of the memories you are going to take back from here and cherish all lifelong!

Never-miss-a-Walk-down-the-Beach-at-Sunset Chennai Memes Website

5. Catch Lots of Fish and Eat Them Too

Did you like fishing in the sea? Here is an opportunity! Those of you who have been to beaches must have seen locals taking boats and moving out into the sea for fishing. Covelong is no different – here fishing activities are arranged for tourists and visitors alike! There are places from where the facility is available and professional fishing ferries carry you out to the sea for enjoying fishing and then taking back your possession for dinner as well. This is an activity, which you must take part in and which will surely be cherished, especially if you’ve never been out fishing.

Catch-Lots-of-Fish Chennai Memes Website

4. Enjoy exciting Water Sports Activities at the Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach is surely going to engage those among you, who love water adventure! Covelong Beach is famous for its water sports and down the years has been attracting tourists and adventurers from afar to taste these water sports. It is one of the few beaches on the Eastern Coast, where you can find such activities being held. Water surfing is integral part of these activities.

Experts teach you the art by self demonstration. But this is strictly not for the weak-hearted. It demands a lot of stamina to engage in such sports. The waves become quite tumultuous closer to the beach – but just as much as required for perfect surfing! So this is your opportunity to convert another normal beach holiday into an adventurous one!

Enjoy-exciting-Water-Sports-Activities-at-the-Covelong-Beach Chennai Memes Website

3. Old Church Ruins – Giving it a Mysterious Feel!

Turn around from the sea and your eyes will meet the ruins of an old Catholic Church. It is said to have the appearance of an old Dutch Fort in ruins. This is for the ones who have an interest in ancient buildings and forts! It also adds to the scenic beauty of the place and definitely is a crowd puller. A visit, at least once should be made to this church and I’m sure you’re going to remember this all your life.

Old-Church-Ruins-–-Giving-it-a-Mysterious-Feel Chennai Memes Website

2. Blue Water and White Sand – a Match Made in Heaven

The sand in the beach has a glimmering feel to it and when the sunlight falls on it the colour that reflects the eye is that of sparkling silver! And if this is accompanied with the pure blue sea matching the azure hue of the sky, I don’t think any mortal can move an inch! This combination is sure to soothe sore eyes, which are desperate for a relaxing vacation. Even if you don’t click it, this wonderful view is going to remain etched in your mind forever!

Blue-Water-and-White-Sand Chennai Memes Website

1. The Fairytale Ambiance of the Beach Full of Colors

Covelong Beach is not only blue and white – it has its own means to add colour to its beautiful palate! You will notice attractive palm trees lined across the beach. Very few beaches in India have such trees lined in such an aesthetic manner, which appeals to the eye immediately. On the beach, if you notice carefully, you will get to see a lot of beautiful and colourful shells adoring it! They form a bed of colour and are said to be fascinating to look at such a variety of colours! You can pick and bring some back home to revive your memories to Covelong Beach whenever you look at it!

The-Fairytale-Ambiance-of-the-Beach-Full-of-Colors Chennai Memes Website



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